Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy List

Today's post is all about my HAPPY things.

My oldest son, Matthew and his girlfriend Hannah, did a very sweet thing for me.  They came to me and told me they thought I needed a little break and wanted to help me.  They took Noah for a week.  This gave me a week of being able to sleep through out the night.  I was very reluctant at first because well, I am his Mom, however I think it was good for both Noah and Mom.  Noah was giddy when he came home.  He told me he even missed me, of course he missed his friends more and I am okay with that because he is only 14 and what teenager thinks their Mom is the bomb over their friends?  Right!  I am not saying we have not had some bad days since he has been back a week now but I have more rest where I can deal with it better.  Thank you Matthew and Hannah.  HAPPY!

Flowers make me HAPPY and here are some new blooms in my yard.

My new painting makes me HAPPY!
I am thrilled with how it turned out.  I even got a "Wow, that looks good honey!  It turned out great." from my husband.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

Watching Noah having fun makes me HAPPY!
Listening to both boys giggle and laugh makes me even happier! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY  If you all could have heard the giggles. "Noah go like this!"  After Noah does then *SCREECHING GIGGLING*  Then Noah, "Taj go like this!" then Noah giggles.  Todd and I cannot help but laugh at them.

Our gardens are making me very HAPPY!
 One of my favorite things in the garden is how some of the plants 
reach out and climb.  
I love the peas, beans, cucumbers, and squash for it.
 We are now starting to get a lot of snow pea pods. *squeal*
 Below is supposed to be bush beans but they look like they are trying to climb,
so we add a fence for them.
 New cucumber plants.
 Another favorite thing in the garden:
The many different shades of green!

On Sunday I took Ethan and Taj to the mall.  We did a little shopping.  I loved how Taj followed Ethan around and chatted his ear off.  I love the relationship Taj has with his Ethan and Noah.  It is a very special relationship between Uncles and Nephew.  HAPPY!
Yep, I just gave away one of the Herky on Parade 2 Statues

What are you HAPPY about?


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