Monday, July 14, 2014

Motivating Monday ~ Move It

I feel good about last week.  I lost 4 pounds by changing the way I eat once again.  Now, just imagine how much more I could have lost if I was more active.  Well, I was on Sunday we did a little walking about 8 blocks and part of this was a steep hill.  This walk told me I need to do this more often!  Seriously, I feel more out of shape this summer than last summer and I weigh less.  I am sure it is because there for awhile during the end of summer and during fall I was doing great working out.  I do not ever want to feel like this again.

 This is so very true.  If you are not willing to do anything about it, then why complain. Let's do this together.  Get up and move more!  We all know it is not only our intake but we have to get up and move to feel better.  I will move more this week.  Saturday and Sunday I moved a lot by just walking, I plan to keep this going and add toning as well.  I found some great exercises for toning I can do at home.  Our membership is on hold for the next three months at the gym, mainly because we spend too much time with the garden and caring for Taj right now.  Kera will be graduating soon and I will have every other weekend back again as well as a few nights a week were we can workout again.  I love Taj and I am very proud of Kera for finishing her classes but I will be glad to be able to care for Jolene too once again.

 Are you with me?  Let's move it more this week!



  1. Four pounds is awesome! I need to get back to the gym.

  2. Thank you for the motivation and congrats for losing 4 lbs. Every pound makes a difference. I need to walk with the Indy hikers this week!


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