Monday, July 7, 2014

Motivating Monday

As many of you know I am struggling right now in so many areas.  I do not like the moods I am experiencing.  Glass half full or glass half empty, well most of the time lately I cannot even see the liquid in the glass so who freaking knows but I am going to change that.  I think I am going to try something new.  Every Monday I am going to try to post something to motivate me to keep me on the right road.

This is so true.  Life can throw you lemons but do not give up.  If you find yourself stuck and ready to give up look for a new source to pull you through it if you have to.  I am no Super Woman but I have managed to find something to keep me going.  Life has tested me big time from a young age.  Just remember everything you survive makes you stronger.  You may feel like you are weak or have weak moments but people who survive, they are the strong ones.  Believe in yourself.  {This counts for you too Jolene.  You need to start to believe in yourself once again and lead by examples.}

Oh, I think so many of us are guilty of this.  I think it is human nature.  This week my stop wishing and start doing is caring for myself.  I have neglected Jolene all year.  It is time to start doing more for me as well as caring for my family.  I looked in the mirror this weekend.  My hair is way beyond needing cut.  I am dressing frumpy once again.  I look horrible, bags and circles under my eyes.  My Mom stayed with me over the weekend.  She told me she is worried about me because I look so worn out.  She is right I am worn out.  I am too young to feel this old, so now is the time to start doing once again for Jolene too.  This week I am going to focus on becoming healthier again.  I have my menu planned out for the week.  I have my exercise routine all planned as well.  Now is the time for the wishing to stop and the doing to begin. 

Now is also the time for me to walk away from this post and go get my hair cut.  Who knows, maybe I will have it colored?   I have so many sparklies in my hair right now.  REMEMBER...NEVER GIVE UP AND STOP WISHING AND START DOING...YOU ARE WORTH IT. 


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