Saturday, August 9, 2014

August Goals

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Monthly Goals

  • Complete the Parade of Herky 2 pictures. SUCCESS I had so much fun doing this.  Please check out my post: 
  • Organize the spare bedroom and garage. SUCCESS I am so pleased with this accomplishment.  It took nearly a week to get rid of all the stuff in these two areas.  I will post later sometime this month regarding this.
  • Complete 2 books. SUCCESS Angels Watching Over Me by Michael Phillips and The Pearl That Broke It's Shell by Nadkia Hashimi which happens to be my favorite book I have read this year so far, watch for a post in the coming month about these books.
  • Complete one painting.  SUCCESS I am so happy with this painting.  I have to post a picture of it.  
  • Celebrate our Anniversary SUCCESS I have only posted one post so far of this weekend.  You can click here to read about the first post but there will be more post this month regarding our trip. Tomorrow will be about a stained glass museum, the next one will be about our Architectual Cruise, and finally Millennium Park.
  • Spend quality time with my Mom. SUCCESS My Mom spent the 4th of July weekend with me here in Iowa City.  I enjoyed just relaxing with her.
  • Begin a workout regimen. FAIL.  No regimen at all.
  • Work on being healthy and lose 10 pounds  FAIL.  ONLY 5 pounds lost
    Other than NOT taking care of me, I think I had a successful July.  Now on to the next month.

    • Complete my Chicago post.
    • Organize the closets and laundry room
    • Complete 2 books.
    • Complete one painting. 
    • Submit two applications for a new job.
    • Begin a workout regimen.  
    • Work on being healthy and lose 10 pounds
    • Freeze veggies from the gardens
    • Can our tomatoes

     Do you have any goals this month?  What are they?



    1. Noble goals! And p.s. loosing 5 pounds is definately not a FAIL.

    2. Don't be so hard on yourself, you accomplished so much!
      Your painting is just AWESOME!


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