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Herky on Parade 2 ~ Meet All 84 Herky Statues

Herky is the University of Iowa's mascot.  In 2004 the Herky on Parade was the largest public art produced in the Iowa City/Coralville Corridor.  The statues had four primary objectives, two of which were to raise awareness of the 75th anniversary of historic Kinnick Stadium and to build grassroots awareness for the coming renovation of the State of Iowa's largest entertainment venue. In all there were 73 statues placed through out Iowa City and Coralville.  This was before I moved to Iowa City and most were gone.  I did take a picture of a few when I was traveling through out the corridor when capturing the pictures for the Book Art Statues, which was one of my favorites.  You can read about the books by clicking here.  Herky on Parade Statues are posted below.
Iowa City/Corallville/North Liberty Corridor was asked to participate in Herky on Parade 2 this year to celebrate 10 years ago Herky on Parade.  The statues have a new pose and are 6' 1" and weigh over 140 pounds. The 2014 Herky on Parade is also to celebrate two other major events for the University of Iowa: 125 seasons of Hawkeye football and 75th Anniversary of the 1939 Iowa's Ironmen team.  Come back tomorrow to hear about the famous Ironmen team.  When the unveiling began in May there were 83 statues for everyone to enjoy.  The Corridor produced maps with their locations and hints as well as a website.  I knew I wanted to take a picture of all of them and my husband did not expect anything different.  He even went with me to several of them.  What I enjoyed the most about this was seeing different and new parts of the city I have never been too.  Towards the end of June, beginning July the Herky on Parade 2 Facebook site gave hints of a new secret Herky and the first 10 to find him would win a prize.  July 15th the 84th Herky was unveiled and it was the Golden Herky.  The statues have sponsors and a theme, many of them are cute and I will post some of my favorites with close ups in a day or two.  The statues will be collected August 26 and will be all in one place during Fryfest on August 29 and this will be the farewell.  Once Fryfest is over, the statues will be auctioned off and the United Way of Johnston and Washington County will benefit from the auction.

1. Groom Herky:  This statue has so many airbrush details.  The shirt alone is amazing with the airbrush tiger hawks all over it.  I will post a close up of it within the next day or two.
2. Organic Herky: This statue honors Iowa's organic farmers and gardeners. 
3. America Needs Farmer Herky:  America Needs Farmers was a program initiated by Hayden Fry in 1985, recognizes the essential role Iowan farmers play in going the extra mile to provide the nation’s food supply.  This statue is a tribute to Iowa's farmers.
4. Drawing the Line Herky: This statue is inspired by Labyrinth and is an art exploration of lines and space.  It shows a design from one continuous line.
5. Graduation Herky:  Personally I love the setting for this one.  The campus in the background makes this picture perfect.
6. Bigfoot Herky
7. Reflections of U Herky: This statue is made up of small black tiles which are all in a symmetrical pattern.  It is the heaviest of all the Herky's and it takes 3 people to move him.  This artist made one like this 10 years ago but a different color.  Just like the first Herky, this was the first Herky vandalized only within days after being made for the public.  The artist worked hard and repaired him. 
8, Qin Terracotta Warrior Herky: This statue represents the 400 year old author. 
9. UNESCO Herky:  Iowa City has several free libraries, one can find them through out the city.  This Herky is the newest one and also celebrates Iowa City for being the third designated City of Literature in the world.
10. Thumbprints of Hope Herky: This statue was painted at the dance marathon which is a huge fundraiser the University does every year.  Each color of thumbprint has a different meaning: Purple: dancers who raised a minimum of $400; Blue: the families that Dance Marathons supports; Yellow; community supporters; Orange: Dance Marathon alumni.
11. Herky's Community:  My favorite and I will be adding close ups of this statue in the following days.  This statues represents the community, the people and places around the community.  It represent our landscape and Iowa City.
12. Journey of a Warrior Herky:  This Herky was designed and made by the alternative High School and their mascot is a warrior.  The pants and sleeves is the map of Iowa which symbolizes the journey.
13. Rough Hewn Herky: I love this concept how Herky is coming out of the rock.  This artist made one like this in the 2004 pose as well.
14. #Herky: This statue is covered in hundreds of popular hashtags, including #TeamPat and #TeamFLASH was created in honor of 14-year old friends Patrick and Austin. Patrick McCaffery is the son of Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery, and friend Austin Schroeder.  The boys learned about their medical situation about the same time in March. Patrick had a malignant tumor on his thyroid removed in March, while Austin was diagnosed with stage three non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. This Herky is just one of the many ways the community has supported their fight against cancer.
15. Out of this World Herky: This one is one of my favorites as well.  You will definitely see close ups of this Herky in my next blog.  This statue is a tribute to the University of Iowa's scientist and the Voyager.
16. Cyborg Herky
17. Checkmate Herky:  Close ups of this statue will be posted in a day or so.  I loved the details.
18. In the Paint Herky:  This statue makes me laugh.  It was not until the second time I saw it that I got what was going on.  This Herky is a painter and he has black and gold paint splattered on him as well as pink and the paint bucket is pink paint and the bucket is labeled "vistors".  The University of Iowa's vistor's locker room is painted pink.  I believe it was Hayden Fry who suggested this because pink has a calming effect on people.
19. Iowa's Jazz Capitol Herky:  Every year around July 4th Iowa City host a large Jazz festival through out the down town but the large stage is set up in front of the old Capitol building located on the University's Pentecrest.  After the Jazz show the 4th of July explodes with fireworks.  This statue is in honor of this festival.  It is one of my favorites and I will post close ups of it within the next couple of days.
20. C(Herk)itry: This statue is a linear circuit-esque theme
21. Homegrown Herky:  This statue is conveniently located by the Farmer's Market.  It is also one of my favorites.
22. Student Herky
23. Uncle Herky
24. Herky On-Call:  This statue is a play off of the game Operation.
25. Baker Herky
26. Captain Herk:  This statue is based of the Star Trek series, Captain Kirk who was born in Riverside, Iowa.
27. Referee Herky
28. RAGBRAI Herky:   This statue represents RAGBRAI.  This began in 1973 when two columnist from the Des Moines Resgister took a 6 day bike trip from one side of Iowa to the other side and it has grown since then.  People will come to Iowa from all over the world to ride in this 6 day event, not everyone can make the entire stretch but most do.  I personally cannot see how one can ride in such hot or raining weather and the hills we have.  They have my admiration.  This even always happens around July 26th and the people who do participate enjoy it a lot and party every night.

29. Ironman Herky: This Herky is a tribute to the 1939 Ironmen team's 75th Anniversary.  The number 24 was for Nile Kinneck.

30. Wrestler Herky: "Here in Hawkeye country, Wrestler Herky was a given with the University of Iowa wrestling program acclaimed as one of the most successful athletic programs in NCAA Division I. Iowa is second in NCAA history with 23 national championships, and has a rich history of talented athletes and coaches who have continued to represent the Iowa community to remain its pride and joy." ~ Source: Herky on Parade 2 webpage.
31. Basketball Herky
32. Just Herky:  This is how our beloved Herky looks normally.
33. CDR Herky:  This statue honors all active duty and veteran members of the United States Navy.
34. CAPT Herky:  This statue honors all active duty and veteran members of the United States Air Force.
35. SGT Herky:  This statue honors all active duty and veteran members of the
36. 1SG H. Hawk: This statue honors all active duty and veteran members of the United States Army.
37. Sir Herkalot
38. Dr. Herky: The University of Iowa is known for health care and the University of Iowa is the state's hospital.  The University of Iowa Hospital not only treats patients, but it also teaches physicians and medical professionals who will lead the way in both research and continued education
39. Lindquist Herky:  "Just like Iowa’s education building, Lindquist Herky is named after E. F. Lindquist, an educational leader, scholar, inventor, and teacher who created the Iowa Academic Meet in 1929, the catalyst for the development of the world-renowned Iowa Testing Programs. Lindquist revolutionized test scoring by inventing the first optical scanner in the early 1950s, allowing tests to be accurately scored by high-speed equipment rather than by hand. Decode the number sequence on the back of this Herky’s back for a secret message!"  ~ Source Herky on Parade Website
40. Aqua Hawk:  March 2015 the University of Iowa and Iowa City will host the NCAA Men's Swimming and Diving championship.  This statue will be there to welcome the visitors.
41. Heart of Iowa Herky: This statue represent the solidarity and the strength of the community and where Iowa has been.  The little screen on the chest of Herky, we can send our pictures taken with the different Herky on Parade and the pictures are included in a slide show.  My pictures are included, Todd, Taj, and my boys with different Herky statues are included with the display.
42. Woodgrain Herky
43. Wizard Herky
44. Faces of Herky: This is a special one to me.  I will post some close ups within the next day or two.  The University of Iowa Hospital has a children section.  Children come from all over the state for specialty treatment.  This statue is a tribute to the young patients.  It is filled with self portraits of the young patients.  My niece has been treated here several times.
45. Coach Herky:  This statue is dressed our the Hawkeye's football coach, headset and all.
46. Andy Warhawk: This Herky is in the form of Andy Warhol’s most recognizable pattern of repeated graphic images. The tigerhawk is in the center of each bright blocks of color. Warhol was known to use in the 1960s.
47. Chrome Herky:  This statue is off the idea of "The Bean" at Millennium Park in Chicago.  You can see your reflection in Herky just like "The Bean".
48. Herkules: Hercules is known for his strength, just like Herky and the University of Iowa.
49. Wrestling Highlight Herky:  This is one of my top three favorites and I have many detail shots I will be posting in the next post.  This statue represent Iowa's wrestling history. 
50. Conductor Herky:  One of my favorites, watch for more detailed photos within the next day or two.  The Hawkeye Express is one of the favorite transportation to the home games.
51. Marching Band Herky:  Over 250 musicians make up the marching band.
52. You're the One Herky:  This one is several individual pictures of fans at the football game and the mouth is pieces of mirrors. 
53. Bachelor Herky
54. Back to Our Roots Herky: This statue represents Iowa City’s roots as a land of fertile soil right along the Iowa River and the grasslands native to the area.
55. Technicolor Herky:
56. Iowa Bike'n Herky: Iowa City is a large bicycling community, seriously I see people riding their bikes during the winter time as well.  Iowa City has miles and miles of biking trails as well as wider roads for bike lanes in some areas.
57. Gladiator Herky:  This statue was assisted by our children's junior high (well all but Matthew's).  The students submitted ideas and then voted for their favorite design.
58. Iowa Granite Herky:  The way this statue is painted it actually looks like granite.
59. Herky of the Opera: This statue is a play off of "The Phantom of the Opera" and Coralville and Iowa City both have Performing Arts buildings now where several musicals and plays are hosted.
60. Farmer Herky:  Iowa's backbone is farming and we take pride as being one of the states in the Midwest Farming.  This statue represents our farmers.
61. Recycled Ink Herky:  This statues is made up of clever ways of recycling materials beginning with his head, it is made up of plastic spoons.  His teeth are keyboard keys from olde computers.  The beak is made up of caution tape and his legs are old roofing shingles. 
62. The Walking Herky:  This statue is inspired by the television series "The Walking Dead". 
63. Herky of the Corn: This statue is a play off of "Children of the Corn".  Watch for close up shots of this one.  I loved the kernel of corn and the tiger hawk as the pupils.
64. Power Herky:  This one a cute one and Taj loved the tool belt.  The safety goggles are an excellent touch.

65. Herk Dog: This one I think was the cutest and Taj just loved this one. 
66. Herky Hasselhawk:
67. Tangled in Iowa Herky:  This statues captures the best history and attractions in Iowa.
68. Road Trip Herky:  This statue displays routes from the Heartland Express trucking and Herky can be found doing various activities along the routes.

69. Hunter Herky
70. Bat Herky
71. Peking Opera Herky:  My pictures are nothing compared to seeing this one in real life.  The glittered paint on the at and vest.  This is also one of my favorites and you will be seeing close ups of this one as well in my next post.  This statue represent the Monkey King from Peking Opera.  It has great details.
72. Jackson Pollhawk Herky
73. Daredevil Herky
74. Father/Daughter Herky: The Iowa City area has a lot to offer for young families.  Iowa is a great state to raise a family.
75. My Hero Herky: This statue is in of honor the life of Abbey Jean Almelien Banh. She was diagnosed with MPNST, a rare type of sarcoma, and was cared for by an amazing group of people at the University of Iowa Center.
76. Superhero Herky
77. William Sherkspeare Herky
78. Flower Power Herky:  This is a special one to me as well and close ups will be posted within the next day or two.  My boys' high school made this one and the artist is one of Ethan's friends.  It is made entirely of cut glass.  Ethan was there during some of the process with this statue.
79. Happy Herky:  The artist for this statue is an art teacher at our parochial school and it honors Bob Ross.  I love it!
80. Hayden Herky:  This statue honors our beloved Hayden Fry, head coach for the University of Iowa from 1979-1998.  He compiled a total coaching record of 232 wins, 178 losses, and 10 ties during his 37 year career and has been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.
81. Outta Sight Herky: This statue is all about Love, Peace, Music, and Art.
82. Gymnast Herky
83.  Scottish Highlander Herky
84. Golden Herky

Ames, Iowa is home of the Iowa Statue University.  It is the inner state rival of the University of Iowa.  Herky on Parade is such a huge success and many have traveled to take pictures of them as well as a great fundraiser.  Iowa State is planning to have Cy statues through out Ames a take off of Herky.  Their statues will go on display August 30 through December 5 for local charities there.

I would have loved to post each Herky individually to show details but my post would have over 84 pictures.  I hope you have enjoyed Herky on Parade 2 as much as I have.  Stay tuned for some follow up post.


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