Monday, August 4, 2014

Herky on Parade 2 ~ Up Close and Personal

If you have not seen my post yesterday, you definitely need to check it out.  I have all 84 Herky on Parade statues and I posted about the background of the parade as well as some statues inspiration.  Today I wanted to focus on some of my favorites as well as get a close up view to some of the details.

Here is a close up of the shirt for the Groom Herky.  Can you see the air brushed Tiger Hawk on the shirt?

If I were little I would not want to run into either one of these Herkys at night.  Above Bigfoot Herky and below is Walking Herky.
I am a big fan of the show "The Walking Dead" so I thought this one was pretty awesome.
 Here you can see some details of the flesh torn and the muscles and an open wound with bug infestation
 The top part of his skull ripped open exposing the brain with a fly painted on it.
Below, the shoe has been worn where you can see details of his rotten foot.
The next set of pictures were taken in the evening and the light is not as great as my other photos.  The next one is my favorite one.  The name of it is Community Herky.  All the details are different vendors or attractions in Iowa City.  I just loved all the details.
This is another one of my favorites.  I love space and Out of This World Herky is about space.  The legs are honoring the Voyager exploration.  Do you see the nebula on his right hip near the bright star?
 I love how his mouth is the galaxy and his eyes are so awesome!
Check out his beak.  It is the moon with the craters and all.
 His chest, now this is my ultimate favorite thing about this Herky, 
the phases of the moon.  He is just awesome!!!
 The Herky below is Checkmate Herky.  Look at his teeth and the pupils of his eyes.  I just love it!
The Iowa Jazz Capitol Herky is so true to his name.  You can see the fireworks going off over the old capitol building center of the University's Pentecrest and the jazz players.
I love the produce added and flowers for the Homegrown Herky.  It truly represents the Farmer's Market.
We love sci-fi and space in our house maybe this is why God gave me four boys.  Oh, I have step daughters now but they were 14 and 17 when I moved in.  Any way, we love Star Trek and Riverside, Iowa is the birth place for Captain Kirk, so naturally we all love Captain Herk statue.
 Fun fact:  The last weekend in June Riverside has a Trek Festival where they celebrate Captain Kirk.  
I have never been to one yet but my son has.
This one is Heart of Iowa Herky.  As you can see they have a slide show of people with Herky.  I am sending all of ours to be displayed as well.
The airbrush painting on this one make it look like real granite, thus the name is Granite Herky
Recycled Ink Herky is our green statue.  He is decorated with recycled material.  Caution tape is covering his beak.  Look closely to his teeth, do you recognize what the teeth are made of?  Yes, those are keyboard keys.  His head is tire tread and legs are roof shingles.
Alright I am from Iowa and Iowa is known for sweet corn, so I love this one.  The details of Herky of the Corn is so awesome and how he is wrapped in the husk.  They actually look like corn kernels and the Tiger Hawk as the pupils is pretty neat too.
Herk Dog's dog tag was too cute.  It states "If found return to Kinnick Stadium."  I wish I could post Taj's giggles when he saw this one.  He has a tail which sticks out as well.
 The tattoos on Peking Opera Herky has a lot of details.
 I really like the tiger tattoo.
Happy Herky made me exactly happy.  I could not help but smile at the statue representing Bob Ross.  They made sure to include the paint pallet.
His paint brushes but what cracked me up the most was the Happy Tree button.
I loved this statue below as well.  Do you see his details?  I think he would have been neat to be placed inside the Shakespeare Global Theater we have in City Park but then again, most of the display time he would have been under water from the flooding so maybe it was a good thing he was housed indoors.

Iowa Bike n' Herky was my first statue I spotted.  I love the fact they included an actual bike with him.

One of my favorites is the Wrestling Highlight Herky.  I enjoy going to the meets with Todd and if we are unable to go I enjoy watching them on television.  I have been fortunate once to go to the NCAA tournament and Iowa won.  Iowa has produced many Olympic bound wrestlers.
They have one many NCAA tournaments. To be honest many people outside of Iowa do not like Iowa Wrestling, mainly because they were a power house for so long and known as the bad boys.  I was very shocked at my NCAA tournament to see how many people booed Iowa.  I did not enjoy the poor sportsmanship at all.
 Our famous Dan Gable coach and wrestler
 I love how one side of Herky's mouth is inside Carver Arena with the wrestling mat.
 The other side is a painting of a tiger hawk in flight statue which is across from Carver Arena
 More great coaches and wrestlers.
 Herky running with the Iowa Flag.

Another favorite is the Conductor Herky.  I love his details.

Lastly another favorite is the America Needs Farmer Herky.  He is made up of corn.  Individual corn kernels have been mounted to make his design.  I love this look.


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