Thursday, August 7, 2014

Herky On Parade 2~Family Photos

We had a lot of fun going to see the Herky on Parade 2 statues and of course we could not resist having our pictures taken with Herky.  I still want to get a picture of all my boys with one before they disappear.  It was fun watching Taj getting into it.  Every Saturday at breakfast he asked if we were going to find more Herkys.  I loved it last Saturday when he was begging his uncle Ethan to go with him.  Two weeks prior Ethan did and Taj loved it.  Here are some of my favorites with Herky.
Above was our first photo of Herky on Parade 2.  Taj was so excited
Below he asked for his picture to be taken alone with Herky.
A couple of weeks later Ethan, Taj and I went shopping at the mall, so I took my camera with me.
Taj loved this one and kept calling him Santa Claus.  Anyone with a white beard is Santa.
Taj especially enjoyed the day with his Uncle Ethan.  
Ethan is great with young children and is such a super Uncle.
 About 3 weeks ago Ethan wanted to join in on the fun again with Todd, Taj, and me.
I loved this pose the two did.  It was Ethan's idea of them looking through space of Herky's arms.

 Above: Taj is showing Herky his Dusty Crop Duster Airplane.  He kept saying "See Herky,  It's Dusty."
 Below he started to do this pose on his own for several of them.  
He wanted his picture taken like this and refused to smile until he stepped off.
Yet, he demanded his picture to be taken with Herky.
I just love this kid!
 A close up of his little smirk and refusing to look at the camera.
 Oh Taj was all into the Walking Herky until Papa (Todd) scared him with it by making 
a scary roar noise after that Taj did not want anything to do with poor Walking Herky.
 Taj was fascinated with the tool belt.  He really wanted to take the tools out.
 Herk Dog was Taj's favorite and probably my second favorite family photo with Herky.
He insisted me to take his picture while he posed like this.  *smile*

 All of a sudden he was in to different poses again.
Wanting me to take his picture peaking out of Herky's arm
 All on his own he started to pose like Herky on the last day.
"Nana! Nana! Take my picture like this."
 The last Herky I told him to make the Herky face too.
He turned to Herky and then looked at me.
This is what I got.
It is my absolutely favorite picture of all of them!

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  1. It's fun seeing the Herkeys and all of the boys. You've really had fun with this!


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