Saturday, August 16, 2014

This Past Week

Wow!  I cannot believe how fast the year has gone by and here it is the middle of August and I have not blogged much this year at all.  The little parties I regularly linked to I have missed.  I am going to do my best to try to make the time once again because I truly enjoy it.  I have been very depressed this year.  This year has been a crazy roller coaster and to be perfectly honest, in most avenues of my life this year I have not been happy.  I do not think I have ever had a job as stressful as the one I currently have.  I enjoy my job but our case loads are way too high, too much work and honestly not enough time to do it all.  What is sad is we do not have all of the employee's for our client yet.  This client has over 1.3 million employees. 

I feel like my sisters have left me out of some things with my Dad.  The hospice he was admitted with do special events in memory of the lost loved one.  I am never told about any of this until I see the pictures on Facebook.  Yeah, the Internet after they are over. I can honestly say my feelings are very hurt.  They did not even call me when it came time to pick up his ashes.  I want to say something but I really want to have less stress in my life right now.

Noah, well I see glimpses of the Noah prior to depression every now and then.  It seems like once a month for nearly a week he has what I call his bad days.  He still has harmful thoughts during that week.  He will be entering high school this coming Tuesday.  I have to say, I have mixed emotions about school starting.  I was hoping he would be mentally more even before school starts, however I think being in a routine and not home sulking he cannot be on the computer as much as he wants will be good.  I also am in hopes he will make some new friends who will be healthier for him.  His old friends, except for one seem to love to team up on him and degrade him.  This is not what a depressed kid needs.  I do have some comfort that Ethan will be there in school as well.  I cannot believe he is a Senior this year.  In four more years I will have my last child as a Senior.  This will be such a different way of life for me.  I have had a child in school for 20 years now, 24 then.  Life will definitely be different. 

My house is starting to feel great, less clutter and more organization.  It feels great!  My small living room is nearly completed.  I have been slowly working on it for a year now and cannot wait until it is complete.  Todd has been fixing a few things around the house and I love it!  Our garden is keeping me very busy too.  The freezing has begun and within the next couple of weeks the canning will start.

As for my blog, I realize I have been blogging less but I have been very busy.  This week I do plan on posting my weekly link ups, although Art@Home is on a break, I still plan on posting my book reviews.  I have so many to get caught up.  I definitely will be posting one or two of them this coming week.  Sunday's Song will be here and I will try to link it up to Miss Angie's Musical Monday.  I will be posting a Happy List this week.  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  I won two give-a-ways this week and I cannot wait to share.  I will finish two post of our Chicago trip this week, the boat tour and Millennium Park.  If I am lucky enough to complete a project tomorrow I will post a DIY project as well.  I will definitely get my Friday Confessions in this week. So much is going on in my life right now and I want my blog to be my recording once again.  Oh, I have a new Spaghetti Squash recipe I will be posting this week along with gardening post.  Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends.  It is time for me to get things moving now.


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