Thursday, September 11, 2014

Eastern Iowa ~ Bellevue & Bettendorf

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful Mother-In-Law who gives little get a ways for Todd and I over the past nearly ten years.  I am also very fortunate that my older boys help out when I do go over night somewhere.  Matthew and Hannah watched Noah for me last Saturday night so Todd and I could get away.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.  Exactly what Todd and I needed.  Connie (my Mother-In-Law) usually gets a room at the Isle of Capri in Bettendorf at no cost for her because of her comps from playing on the boat, however they took all the comps away and the lady gave Connie one last room, so our free get away weekend have come to an end but I am very grateful for this last one.

Typically when Todd and I go we will bring books, our lap top and movies to watch on the lap top.  We stick to the room and occasionally we will go to the boat.  We typically cannot check in until 3:00 pm but we did not want to waste our day so Todd thought it would be a great idea to drive up to Bellevue State Park and go to the butterfly garden we went to a couple of years ago in the Fall.  There was a sign up there stating September is the busiest time for the butterflies.  I loved the idea, so off we went.  I have to admit I was disappointed because I expected more butterflies, however I was thrilled with our visit.  It was beautiful.  It was peaceful.  I enjoyed time with Todd away from the stress.  I enjoyed taking pictures of the nature and life.  We plan to go up sometime in August because more flowers will be in bloom then.
 In the center is a tiny little frog on the lily pad.
Do you see him?
I then found his big brother.
 The park added sculptures.  I thought they were so cute.
 This little boy is playing with his kite.
 Mom picking flowers.
 A little boy on his Dad's shoulders.
Todd watching the frogs. 
 A little hummingbird would fly near me.
The first time he flew near me, he scared me. 
After the butterfly garden, we took a little walk.  There was a look out spot and what a beautiful view the Mississippi River.
Along the trail I found some nature beauties.  Todd took off to an area which was closer to the bluff.  I am too afraid of heights. I think next time we might take the boys for Todd to explore more.
 The trail path was a little too steep for my knees.
 I found this tree with an knot hole in it.  I loved the fact that it looked like a heart!
After the park we drove over the bridge into town.  The bridge near the state park had butterflies at each ends.
 We ate lunch at one of the small town's restaurant.  I cannot even remember the name, which is fine because they were nothing outstanding and the service really sucked.  We then drove the Iowa Great River Road and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  Once we were in Bettendorf we met up with him Mom and checked into our room.  It was nice room and we had the view of the parking lot and the Mississippi River.

We were in the South Tower but this is what the North Tower looks like.  We have stayed in both towers equally since the South Tower was built.  Connie took us to the Rhythm City (another casino in the Quad Cities) where she does have comps still and we all ate at the buffet there.  They had this amazing dish, Spinach and Seafood Lasagna.  I am now on a mission to find this recipe and see if I can master it.  After dinner we went back to our hotel and watched some television and decided to go to the boat and try our luck.  Yes, lady luck was not on my side.  I lost my $40 in just six hands and watched Todd play for another hour.  We have a rule, when you double up you quit.  Todd did exactly that and then handed me $40.  He won $50.  He told me with a smile, "We came out $10 a head."  I have a wonderful husband.  *smile*
Many of the buildings around the bridge in the above picture on Iowa's side has been torn down.  They plan on building a new bridge to replace the old bridge.  Illinois' side still needs to come up with their portion of the bridge.  The city is upset that an iconic restaurant will have to relocate, Ross' Restaurant.  The restaurant has been there since 1940 and has that old diner feeling still with great service.  In 1965 they became a 24 hour restaurant.  The restaurant has been ran by four generations and is home of the Magic Mountain dish and Grandma's Holy Cinnamon Roll.  This is the largest cinnamon roll I have ever seen!  Celebrities have dinned there: Louie Bellson, Pearl Bailey, Bill Murray, Simon Estes, Bette Midler to name a few.  In the recent years President Obama stops in when he flies into Illinois.  Now, Todd and Jolene have ate there as well.  We had breakfast there.  I had the best omelet I have ever had for breakfast, as I said, the service was excellent a very friendly staff and we sat by a town celebrity for breakfast.  It is going to be sad when they move because there is no way they will be able to recapture the old fashion Mom and Pop diner feel.
We really enjoyed our time away.


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  1. what a beautiful place to visit. The flowers are gorgeous .


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