Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wilson's Orchard 2014 Visit

Last year we went to Wilson's Orchard for the first time.  You can read about it here if you wish.
A picture from last year .
We remembered how much Taj loved it and we enjoyed it as well, so we thought it would be fun once more this fall to go and visit the orchard again. This time Ethan and his girlfriend Maddy joined us this year.  Noah refused to go and Matthew, Joshua, and Emily had to work.

Taj did exactly what we thought and ran off through the field. He was so funny running through the pumpkin patch.  The boy ran and ran, he weaved to the left and then to the right and when made it to the end he turned and looked at us and yelled, "I ran through it."
We finally made it to the patches where they had apples ready for picking.  Only problem was a lot of the trees were picked over because the week prior there was the "Song of September Festival" (a type of apple I found out.)
Taj has a special relationship with his uncles and they enjoy playing with him.  Ethan and Taj love playing with one another.  I love the fact he still has fun with him in front of his girlfriend.
Let me introduce you to Maddy.  She is Ethan's first girlfriend where he asked out.  His previous girlfriends beat him to the question.  I like her, she seems to be a sweet girl and a good influence on him.  She takes school seriously and is a year older than he is.  She is attending the University of Iowa and is part of the marching band.  They looks so cute together.
Ethan and Maddy were the first to find a decent apple.  I loved how excited everyone was when we found a decent apple.
 He was so proud he found the first apple.  It did not matter how small it was, he was proud of his accomplishment.  I just love this kid.
After Ethan and Maddy found the first one, it was jackpot.  We found a row where others must have missed the week prior.
 I love this photo above.  Grandson and Grandpa picking apples with one another.
Taj kept running ahead and then laying in the grass.  This little boy cracks me up.
Taj found a stick.  He is so into sticks lately.  He could have sat there for hours digging if we would have let him. 
On our way back we stopped at the pumpkin patch and Taj found a "Taj pumpkin", of course his Nana and Papa just had to buy it for him.
Our haul from an enjoyable afternoon at the orchard.  We wanted just enough apples to enjoy through out the week because Taj and his daycare will be going on a field trip to the orchard this Tuesday and Papa (Todd) will be able to join him.  Lucky Ducky.
On our way back to the store to pay for our pickings and purchase other yummy items, such as Wilson's Apple Cider, Apple Slushy (The very best ever!!!), apple donuts, and Ethan, Maddy, Kera, and Taj had their famous apple turnovers as well, I had to take pictures of everyone with the Wilson's Orchard sign.
 After picking up everything in the general store, Ethan, Maddy, Todd, and Taj went on a tractor ride.
Kera and I enjoyed the beauty.  (Okay Kera was enjoying a couple of turnovers and I was enjoying the breeze and slushy.)
Last year I had planned to pick up enough apples to make apple sauce and apple butter again this year, but with the new job and all the Noah drama, just enjoying time works this year.  I am hoping to make this an annual tradition with our children and grandson.  Next year, I hope the other three will be able to make it as well.

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