Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Colony Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weekends ago, Todd, Noah, Taj and I went to Colony Pumpkin Patch.  I never even knew there was a large pumpkin patch so close and in the city of North Liberty.  North Liberty is one of the Corridors to Iowa City now. The pumpkin patch is so close to where I work, maybe at the most five minutes.  I did not give Noah a choice. 
 He did not want to go at first but Taj is like sugar and melts everyone and Noah started to have fun too. 
 One of my favorites, the guys walking towards the beginning...
And so our adventure begins.

We went to the shed to pay for the Lil' Pumpkins Playground. 
Inside the shed, we found a huge sandbox filled with corn.
Taj loved playing in it.  
Where else but in Iowa would one fill a large sandbox with corn?
 He played
 and played
 and even got Noah involved.
 HEY!!! What did I capture on Noah?
 A smile.  He was enjoying it too.
 After a long while we then headed to the Lil' Pumpkins Playground.

 Our first stop! Taj loves jumping and Noah wished he was a little smaller to participate too.
 He was having so much fun.  You can see his laughter in this picture.
While Taj was playing in the bounce house, Noah was over at the gutter race track.
Soon Taj and Todd joined in and they raced one another.

 Look...another smile on Noah's face!
 Taj did not care if he won or lost.  He had fun playing in the water.
 Then of course he had to do it all by his self too.
 After the gutter races we found a rope web for the boys to climb on.
 I love how Taj thinks he is just as old has his uncles. 
Just look at him following his uncle.
 The two were having a great time and laughing!
 Below Taj was preparing to be Spiderman and shoot his web.
 Taj ended up getting off sooner than Noah.  He cracked me up.
He went to the edge while Noah was on the web still and said,
"Noah, watch your step." and then started to shake the web net. 
Ha ha ha... he tried to knock him off his feet.
Where he came up with that idea we have no idea.

We then headed over to the barrel rides.
 Do you see the little one in the third barrel?  
Yes, that is Taj sitting on the floor trying to be funny.
Then he turned around and rode it backwards for most of the ride.
 Near the end he rode correctly.  This was our response when we asked him if it was fun.
 Next came the tube slide.
 Noah told me he was too old for this one.
 WAIT... What did I capture?
 Noah having fun on the slide too!
 My batteries in my camera was running low, so Todd went to the gas station to pick up more for me.
I have a wonderful husband.  While he was gone it started to rain a little.  
I pulled the two in our little wagon to shelter.
 Luckily the rain was just a drizzle and stopped.  
Next stop was the corn maze and Noah was looking forward to this the most.
He thought the fact we had a map of the maze was a horrible idea.  
He felt like it was cheating.
 (Map on the right.  On the left is an area to punch to get credit for going to that station.
The maze was two miles long.)
 Noah took off without us.  He wanted to do it on his own.
 We were a tad slower because of me and the wagon..
and Taj.
 Noah got lost and heard our voices and found us.  We helped him get back on track.
He then found the map was a good idea because one can get lost easily in this maze.
 We got lost off track a couple of times.  Noah beat us and had to wait 25 minutes for us.
 I had to take the following picture.  
Noah was having a hard time holding Taj up and his own face in the hole.
Todd was paying for our pumpkins.
 Noah's Grandpa Titler used to fix Harvest International Tractors. 
He was part owner of a shop too prior to getting sick and dieing.
 My Grandpa O'Connor, Noah's Great Grandpa worked for John Deere.
Many many years until he retired.  The only job my Grandfather ever had other than 
his service in the Army.
It was a great time!  I believe we were there for nearly three hours and did not even go into the large pumpkin patch to pick our own pumpkin or take a hay rack ride.  It was lunch time and we spent a LONG time in the corn maze.  They do this once a year at night too, where people will go through the maze with a flash light.  If we ever do that, there will be no Taj.  (ha ha ha)  They also have a large bon fire that night going as well.  Maybe next year we will take just the older kids and do something like this with them.   We definitely will be adding this to our must do every year now.


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  1. If you could bottle Taj it would cure the world's depression! He is sunshine!


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