Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Diamond Lake State Park~ Senior Pictures

It is Ethan's Senior Year and I was so occupied with Noah, I completely forgot to set up an appointment with someone to take his outdoor pictures for Senior Year.  I waited and waited for the person who took Joshua's pictures to get back to me and never heard so I reached out to a couple of friends who also have a side business. The last weekend in September we were going to get his pictures done.  The temperatures were like Summer temps in the mid 80's, however the park we were going to take the pictures at was closed due to construction, so my friend took the next day to scout for a new location.  I was going to drive to her to save some time from her driving up to me. We scheduled them for last Saturday.  Who would have thought it would be more than 40 degrees colder and it snowed that morning too!  Thankfully it did not stick but the winds were crazy and the temp with the wind chills it felt like 38 degrees.  Poor kid was so cold and the wind, his hair.  I am hoping my friend was able to get some good pictures.  I took pictures of her taking pictures of him.

We met at Diamond Lake Park and it was beautiful.  If I did not have to rush off from the photo shoot to home to watch Taj and get two boys ready for Homecoming Dance, I would have stayed longer to check out the park more.

I will see the pictures within three weeks.  I cannot wait!


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