Friday, October 3, 2014

Literary Friday ~ One Reckless Summer

One Reckless Summer (Destiny, #1)

I think I picked this book because I thought it would be fun to read a Summer book during the Summer.  I picked it out without even reading what it was about and well umm, it is not like any book I have ever read before.

I felt that the books was filled with nothing more than "steamy scenes".  The story was good and in my opinion did not need as many scenes in it.  One of the main characters, Jenny Tolliver comes back to her home town after going through a divorce to figure out what she was going to do next with her life.  She is very ashamed of how her marriage ended.  Her husband left her mainly because she was too much of a "good girl".  Jenny had always chosen the right path and was the "good girl", her mother died when she was young and her father who never married was the police chief.  While growing up she had a secret crush on bad boy Mick Brody. 

One night Jenny decides to cross the lake to get a better view of the stars and she comes across the Brody's cottage.  She runs into Mick, no one knew where he even was.  Mick was very threatening and told Jenny not to come back.  He refused letting her star gaze but the two definitely had some science going on, chemistry.  The two spontaneously had sex outdoors, nothing like Jenny has ever done.  While growing up Mick would dream about living in the cottages on the other side of the lake and had a crush on Jenny.  Mick was hiding something in his family home and Jenny wanted to know what it was.  Eventually she found out and had to keep it from her father, something Jenny did not like doing at all. 

The book is full of stereotypes of good girl meets bad boy, how they had misconceptions of one another, and raw heated sex between the two.  Every time they see one another they cannot keep their hands off of each other.  I could not help but route for bad bay Mick his heart was full of good and people just misunderstood him.  I felt sorry for Jenny's father at times as well.  He knew his daughter was keeping something from him, but to find out it was something dangerous and against the law was a lot for her father to deal with. 

I honestly cannot say I loved this book, but I did not hate it either.  I guess I am just not a fan of this type of writing.


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  1. Yeah dear Jolene! I sometimes get this kind of very predictable books, but than I can't stop reading them and I think it's cause I don't have to make a great effort on concentration, lol! Your book sounds just like one of those from what's her name and her pink romance novels?
    Hope you're enjoying this weekend. I will have a post up tomorrow, so don't even visit me...hehehe


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