Sunday, October 5, 2014

Spririt Week/Homecoming Week

Last week was Iowa City's City High School's Homecoming Week and every year they have Spirit Week the same week.  Ethan decided to participate with "Nerd Day" since he did this his Freshman Year. 
He wore an old pair of jeans he fits into still but they are way too short for him.
I loved the ink spots on the jeans
And the socks with his flip flops just cracks me up.
Noah at the last minute decided to participate with "Nerd Day" too, but he did not have a white long sleeve shirt.
Noah could not find any jeans that were high waters on him,
so I told him to tuck his jeans into his socks to give the same impression.
One day during the week was "Extreme Red and White Day", the school colors are red and white.  Noah told me what he was planning on wearing but I thought the kid would not carry through with it.  He showed me once again, he will do whatever it is he wants to do and the crazier the better to get more attention.
I did not see Noah ready for school this day. I had left for work.
I am happy Ethan took his picture of me to see.
He wore tidy whitey underwear on the outside of his red pants and red plaid boxers on his head.  Yes, my dear friends, he wore it all day like that.

Thursday night was the game because Friday was a Jewish holiday.  We have a lot of Jewish people who live in the school district.  I think it is great how the district will honor this holiday as well.  The football team won and it was their first win.  It was after the game when Noah decided he too wanted to go to the dance, so we scrambled to see what we already had for him to wear.  He borrowed his brother, Matthew's black shirt again and Ethan's black pants, tie, and hat.
He definitely has an attitude. LOL
My oldest (Matthew) and my youngest (Noah)
Ethan and Madi looked so cute together.  Madi doubted my outfit combo for Ethan, she was afraid it would clash with her outfit. I think the tie worked well with his color of pants and shirt and tied her flesh color with his outfit too.  I know Ethan loved his outfit and told me several times thank you for helping him with the entire outfit.

I just think they are too cute with one another.
This week is the University of Iowa's Homecoming and at work we are participating with Spirit Week too.  I am not sure if I will participate every day but everyone has to participate with Monday.  We all have to wear our black MediRevv T-shirt for the new building ribbon cutting ceremony and we will be participating with a flash mob dance.  I will try to see if someone records it and if so try to link it up. 


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