Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy List ~ Halloween

We love Halloween and we typically put up a lot of decorations.  Here are my past years post:
This year was a different one for us.  I work until 7 pm now, so it was going to be my first not seeing Taj dressed up.  I was going to miss out on all the Trick or Treat kids except maybe the last 30 minutes.  The week before Halloween, Todd found out he had to work until 7 pm as well, so we thought we were NOT going to decorate at all this year.  No one would be home to pass out candy.  I was really sad about this.  I then started to think, Wow!  My first year with none of my children in costumes.  I then became very sad about it.  Noah found out we were not decorating or handing out candy, he volunteered to stay home to pass the candy out.  He felt bad for the kidos too.  (This made me happy.)  We then decided to put up a few decorations.
Halloween morning came and Ethan delighted me.  He came into my room an asked me to tie his bow.  I was so giddy.  He looked ADORABLE!!!  I had forgotten he and Mady were going to dress up later that night, but he wore his costume to school that day, the high school will allow them within reason.
Noah smiled and said "Oh, yeah!" and then went into his room and put on his simple costume.
The two made me so HAPPY!

Ethan and Mady stopped by after work before they went out for ice cream so I can see the two together.  My only picture and it was not a clear one, sorry.
Kera posted a picture of Taj for us.  He was thrilled with his costume.  He just loves Spiderman, just look at his smile!  He is such a big Super Hero fan right now.
Joshua and McKenzie went to a couple of parties.  Halloween they were The Fox And The Hound.
and Saturday, they went to the bar as characters from The Game Of Thrones.
Matthew did not go out either Friday or Saturday but he did host a little get together for his co-workers on Sunday.  He did a great job on his make-up.  He took a selfie for me.

I did not get to see Emily.  I love how the children still include us even though they are too old to Trick or Treat now.  They made Halloween HAPPY for me still.

Oh, I also dressed up for work.  Everyone on my team did. We were Cops and Robbers...robbing a bank.  Can you guess who I was?

We had four bank tellers and two cops the rest of us were robbers.
I really love this company I am working for!  Our team did not win but we had a great time!

Right after Halloween we start the first of our three children's birthdays in November.  Yes, half of our children celebrate their birthdays in the month of November.  Ethan turned 18 on the 1st.  I cannot believe he is an adult now.  He spent the day in Illinois with Mady.  Her brother's wedding. This Tuesday, Ethan will be voting for the first time.  I am so proud of this kid. He has matured so much this year and is such a good kid.  He has such a good head on his shoulders regarding money and saves most of what he earns for big things, like his car and he will be paying nearly half of his trip to Spain this coming March. He has become such a nice young man.  He makes me so Happy and I am so proud of him.
What makes you Happy?


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  1. Thanks for sharing your Halloween with me! We dressed up as rednecks for a party last weekend, but I don't have a pic to show you.


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