Saturday, November 29, 2014

What happened to November?

I have not posted much this month.  I decided to skip my traditional Thankful Thursday, well because I was not sure if I could come up with four different post to be thankful for.  Yes, I am thankful for all the support everyone has given me.  I am thankful for my friends.  I am thankful I have three sons who actually appreciate their Mom and realize everything I do is for love for them and they get more than they thought they did.  I am thankful for my new job and I am thankful for my step-daughters.  I am thankful for my grandson and husband.


I have been struggling this month.  It has been hard to get to a working computer. My lap top is nearly dead and Todd has the main computer but I do not want to complain about that because in two weeks I will only see my husband on the weekends and we will have breakfast with one another because in two weeks his new hours will begin 7 pm to 3 am.  I work 10:30 am to 7 pm, so for now he can hog the computer all he wants because I am still in the room with him.

My main struggles are Noah.  What is new right?  The shoplifting really did a number on me.  I think it pushed me to the edge.  I have been sick ever since.  I am worn down emotionally and now physically as well.  Noah ran away again on Tuesday night.  We had to call the police again to aid us.  I am so sick of this fake person in Canada!  SERIOUSLY if it were not international I would be pressing charges on this person.  Noah's therapist feels I still should but told me it will be more difficult. 

Thanksgiving was horrible.  Todd's Mom was angry because she forgot we were leaving early because of Black Friday Shopping.  It was very very drama.  We are not sure if she plans to come to our house for Christmas now.  It is a mess.   I miss my Dad.  I did see a red Cardinal on Thanksgiving night when I was driving home, maybe it was my Dad checking in. to let me know he was with us. 

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am sorry I am late in the game to wish you all it.  


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  1. There is always drama when my side of the family gets together, even moreso since my dad passed ten years ago. My sister and her husband go on a cruise every Thanksgiving now. The first year dad was gone, we went with her, to take our mind off things, but there was drama with her, my mom, and me. They still go every year. I spent four days leading up to Thanksgiving with my mom, and that was enough. I went to my husband's aunt's house on Thanksgiving. There were a lot of people there we didn't know, so it was a little uncomfortable, but no drama. My family is just dysfunctional. It's hard to look forward to Christmas knowing that my mom is never happy with anything and my sister antagonizes her (and others). Glad you saw the cardinal. That must have felt good.


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