Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Goals

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Monthly Goals

  • Continue and build on work out regimen  FAILED BIG TIME-  I have been sick nearly all of November.  Working out sends me into a coughing frenzy.
  • Lose 10 pounds FAILED BIG TIME- I gained a pound.
  • Complete two books  SUCCESS  
  • "Tree of Life" Painting Class with Noah  SUCCESS- A day we both enjoyed.
  • Painting for Emily's Christmas Gift  SUCCESS
  • Painting for Joshua's Christmas Gift FAILED
  • Ethan's Senior Pictures Take Two  SUCCESS- Although the cost was a lot more than I wanted to spend and I have way too many, I am very happy with them and had a wonderful time spending with just him. He deserved to have pampering. He has had rough year as well.
  • Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving  FAILED- I had the worse Thanksgiving I have ever had this year.  I knew it would be rough being the first year without my Dad but to be honest, that did not even weigh in to the worse ever.  The fact I was so worn out from being so sick, Noah running away two nights prior, and Todd's Mom getting so mad at us because we were leaving like we always do to get back and shop.  His sister came very late so everything started very late.  It was horrible, the yelling, the crying, the stress.  The possibility she will not come to our house now for Christmas. 
  • BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING SUCCESS - Although we were late and did not get two of our items on our list, we did have success.  All of my shopping but two items are done now.  One big thing I bought myself is a new lap top.  I cannot wait.  I will be posting regularly again.
  • Decorate for Christmas In Progress - Our Main Living Room has been completed.  If I were not in bed so much during my four day weekend it would have been completed.
November slipped through my hands. I shut my eyes for one brief moment and the month was gone.

I would like to say take it easy, but during the holiday season, I cannot sit back and take it easy.  Although I was in the Christmas Spirit at the beginning of November I am not now BUT I will show Christmas Spirit no matter what. I have a little boy who comes to our house regularly and he is so into Christmas this year. I have shared with all the kids I will be baking only Christmas Cookies this year, no other candies. They all were disappointed but I told them I had no energy this year for the baking, I will do all of it again next year.

  • Bake Christmas Cookies
  • Paint Joshua's painting
  • Paint Taj's paintings
  • Paint Taj's name
  • Finish my Christmas Painting
  • Take a painting class
  • Finish my Christmas Decorating
  • Visit my family in Des Moines
  • Read one book
  • Get better
What goals do you have?


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  1. I'm so, so sorry to hear that you've been sick! Upper respiratory illnesses stink, and they're so dang exhausting. :(
    I hope the family drama settles but if it doesn't- well, maybe that'll make for a slightly more peaceful Christmas.
    *hugs* All that painting is definitely going to help with your creative happiness!


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