Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Special Purchase For Me!

One way to show myself love is thinking of me and not second guessing on spending money on me too.  I rarely buy things for me.  I have noticed when I have the humidifier on in our room at home, I cough less.  I am on day 69 of having Whooping Cough and I still wheezing/rattling and coughing; some days are better than others.  Mondays I seem to cough less the other work days.  Then it hit me, the difference is the humidifier.  I asked my Supervisor if there are any rules of having a personal humidifier because I have noticed it helps relieve the cough and wheezing/rattling.  She checked into it and I could get one if I wanted.  I was so happy to find one at Bed Bath and Beyond.   I cannot believe what a big difference this little guy makes for me.  I barely cough now at work. 
It is small and very quiet which is important since my job requires me talking on the phone.  The water is enough for four hours which is fine because I just add more during my lunch break.  

Notice my picture?  I love my Universal Studio mug Joshua got me.  He felt it was appropriate for me since it was not just Thing 1 and Thing 2 but All Things.  The other nice mug was a gift from the company.  I use one for tea and the other for hot chocolate/coffee.  I also love my mug warmer one of my co-workers picked up for me.  Where we sit, it is freezing and my hot drinks 1/4 of the way drunk turns cold.  I love where I work.  Finding the courage and looking for a new job was one of the best things I could have done in 2014.    



  1. Oh my Jolene! That whooping cough is nothing to sneeze or wheeze about. I'm so happy you got this humidifier and I'm very happy that it's working for you! I love your mugs and I love that you're loving yourself in 2015! Yay YOU!

    1. Thanks MiMi! I deserve to love me too and I have neglected me way too long.

  2. Oh! It's such a cute little humidifier! Glad it helps and hope you kick tat whooping cough soon!

  3. I am so happy for you, that you're better and that you love your work!!! Your special purchase was worth every penny, right!?!?



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