Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How I Loved Me ...The first full week in January

Last week I made effort every day to keep up with thinking of me too.  I am so proud of my accomplishments.  Here are a few highlights:
I posted about my little humidifier I purchased last week and it has worked wonders.  My co-workers have been commenting how little I am coughing bu they have noticed I hack a lot when I first get here.  The cold air does that.  After the Arctic Freeze set in last week (Last week was the first week back from school for the boys and they never did begin on time.  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday they had 2 hour delay because either snow storm the night before or the frigid temperatures.  Wednesday school was canceled all together but when you have a high of -17 degrees with wind chill of -23 {this is what the temp feels like with the winds} then children have no business being out walking to school.  I thought of myself and took care of me too during that week.  This is how I looked every time I had to step outdoors.  Sexy huh?  

I took time every day to do my hair and make up.  Here are a couple of selfies I took before work.
Above:  I am wearing just lip gloss on my lips no color.  
I was very surprised how many of my co-workers commented on my make up this day.
Below:  I woke up later than I should have.  I forgot Noah had an appointment.
I chose to skip styling the hair just blew dry it.
 Honestly...I cannot tell much of a difference.
I did added my new shade in lipstick. 
Thursday, my darling rotten Noah was rather rude to me and I put him in his place quickly.  I called him to make sure he was out of his class and heading to his locker to inform him I was running a tad late because of a semi blocking the road.  Here was our conversation:  

Noah:  "Don't you EVER call me again while I am in class.  Do you hear me?"
Me:   "Well, I..."
Noah:  Interrupting me. "I am on way out and this is very distracting."
Click... he hung up on me.
Once he got his little body inside the car where it was warmer, I looked at him and told him he was very rude.  I called only to let him know I was running late and wanted him to meet me near the street but he did not allow me to speak.  I also told him I wanted his cell phone for a spot check.  While he was in the doctor office, I noticed the kid gets text messages through out the day and my phone number he has my name saved as BITCH.  Once we were in the car, I told him I have never called him before in school and this was the first time.  He should not have been in his class at the time and I will not allow or put up with the disrespect ever again from him.  He will answer the phone properly if he wants the phone that I am paying for.  I also told him my name is not Bitch and he will change that or he will not have any phone EVER.  I told him once he is 18 and paying for his own phone bill, if I ever find out he has me saved as BITCH then I will guarantee he will never see that name pop up on his phone because I will never ever call him or speak to him again.  I told him I found he gets text messages through out the day and he has no business snapping at me like he did.  He quickly changed my name in his phone.  I think he knows I am done and not accepting his behavior any longer.   What I loved about this (yes, I am finding a silver lining) he did not stress me out one bit and I think he sensed it too.

Saturday was my company's Holiday Party.  Here is a couple of selfies before the party.
I cannot believe how many compliments I received.  It definitely made this lady feel good.

Here is a special treat to me.  I cannot remember when I painted my nails last.  Sorry the picture is too dark.
I worked my arms out three of the seven days.  They are yelling at me too which is a good thing because they were worked.  I did well tracking my food intake (I did not miss one little bite of food) and improved on more water intake.  I did have one can of soda at the party and I wasted calories on three margaritas at the party, however I do not regret drinking them one bit.  I have been thinking about joining the gym again because I would be able to do the morning water aerobics at 9 am since I work at 10:30 during the week.  I really enjoyed it in the past.  If I were to join again, then I would be able to take the classes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  They have a Senior work out on Wednesday but I would only be able to join the class every other week and I am not sure if they would allow me since technically I am not a Senior, just my knees are.
You can bloom!
It is my turn to just bloom!
12X30 Challenge January: The Love Yourself Challenge



  1. Well, this is not the new you. This is what should be you always. The you you shouldn't have neglected or abused just because you were sad or frustrated. I'm so angry that you did it to yourself I'm doing the b*tch thing with you and tell you "I don't want to see another post like this. This is normal stuff Jolene. This is what you as care. This is - like you tag in the post - Plain ol' Life" You need to dress for the role you want to play. And to be taken seriously you need to be serious with these steps.
    Not only for others but for yourself too. You're such a beautiful woman - it's not a question of doing this hair or this color. This you do in your bath and care time. Always and Forever.
    Noah has a jewel of a mother and friend but one day - and I'm sorry to say this - you will have to let go. There's still time for both of you but do you mind taking care of Jolene now?! Because whatever happens Jolene isn't going away and if she's staying she might very well be healthy and beautiful for all the people she touches and will touch in her life.
    (sorry for the long post... but I'm so mad to read how surprised you sound with yourself... pfiiiu, mad gone ahhahahah)
    Take good and beautiful care of yourself Dear Friend!

  2. You look beautiful in your selfies. I am sorry to hear about how Noah was treating you. I hope you have a great day.

  3. You look wonderful in your photos! I love doing my hair and makeup -- gives me a little more of a pep to my step and makes me feel like I can really conquer the day. I am sorry to hear about how Noah was treating you. I honestly am not sure what I would have done in that situation but I feel you handled it wonderfully without getting stressed!


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