Saturday, January 3, 2015

January Goals

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Monthly Goals

  • Bake Christmas Cookies  FAIL  I ended up buying store bought Christmas Cookies.
  • Paint Joshua's painting  FAIL  I did not even start it.
  • Paint Taj's paintings  FAIL  I did not even start it.
  • Paint Taj's name  FAIL  I did not even start it.
  • Finish my Christmas Painting  FAIL  I did not even start it.
  • Take a painting class  FAIL  I was sick the day of the class.
  • Finish my Christmas Decorating  SUCCESS Only by the help of my boys and husband.
  • Visit my family in Des Moines SUCCESS  I was not able to see my Grandma, which upset me and her because my aunt demanded that I do not show up since I have been sick.  She does not get that I  stayed away because if my Grandma came down with something including a cough I would never hear the end of it.
I completely FAILED my goals for the month of December but I am okay with it because I know how sick I have been. 

With the knowledge of Whooping Cough can last up to 100 days, I plan to try to make more realistic goals this month.
  • Paint Joshua's painting
  • Read a book
  • Set my Goodread yearly goal
  • Begin a Healthier Me Road
  • Make my final payment for Ethan's Spain Trip
  • Begin Ethan's slide show for graduation.
What goals do you have?



  1. There should be one goal on your January List: Get Well!!!

  2. Don't write FAIL but "being updated, adjusted" ahahah
    I hope you're feeling better now.
    Stopped by to wish you a Happy New Year with more Peace of Mind and the same Strength of Heart and Soul.
    Wishing you Well Jolene!

  3. Getting better should be the only goal you have right now. Sending healing energy and prayers your way Jolene. :)

  4. December is such a hard month to get anything done! Seriously. Don't beat yourself up about it!

    January is yours though, I can feel it! Thanks for joining in the fun!


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