Friday, January 23, 2015

Third Week In January, Currently...

 I have posted less than I wanted so I thought I would participate in this fashion to catch up with you all.

Feeling great!  I have been doing a great job journaling my food intake.  I do better when I sit down and plan my entire day, I stay well within the numbers I want and if I do it by the seat of my pants, I go way over, so planning is my winner.  I lost 7 pounds last week by planning.  It was hard to get my water intake the past two days because near where I work a water main broke so that area had a water boil ordinance which made it difficult to get the amount of water, of course when I brought my water in the ordinance was lifted. (ha ha ha) Oh well, just go with the flow.  
Reading right now I am reading:
 Textbook: Brooklyn - ISBN 9781439148952
I am not very far into it and I hate when a book takes a little while to build the story line, this happens every time I finish an awesome book.  Maybe it is just me because I feel Wow that book was great and I did not want it to end already, I hope I find another good book.  I think this mentality makes any book hard in the beginning.  
Watching a few shows right now:
Parks and Recreation (2009) Poster
There is no way we are going to miss this.  We both love this comedy.
Image result for top chef
I think we have watched every season but the first season.
Marco Polo (2014) Poster
We just started this series on Netflix.  I think I like it?!  We are on episode three right now.
Writing all of next week's posts over the weekend.  I am going to try on my break this morning and afternoon to complete another recipe post and hopefully during my lunch finish my book review post but please, do NOT hold your breath. 
Listening to not much music right now. Matter of a fact, you may have noticed I have not posted Sunday's Songs in awhile.  I started to feel like I had to look for a song to post and that was not the purpose of my original postings. It was whatever song I was into that week or thought about, holding memories.  I do not want to force a blog post so I plan on posting Sunday's Song when it feels right.
Wanting to win the lottery to stay home and be a homemaker and Jolene caregiver.  However, I will settle on planing for an awesome Summer Vacation to Yellowstone.  Oh, the planning and planning I have been doing.
Needing to get rid of the rattling/wheezing.  I love the fact I am coughing less.  I just wish the other would go away because once it is gone, then I know the cough will be too, however I am on day 84 of the Whooping Cough, that magic 100 days hopefully is correct!
Hoping to have success with an interview.  Yes, you read that correctly. Now, do not take this hope wrong. I love my job and the company I work for. I am trying for the Team Lead position and will feel so great about myself to FINALLY have a degree position once in my life.  If I do not get it, I will be okay because, hey I have only been with this company four months in six days.
Oh, and I am still Loving Myself and baby this will never end!  No more neglecting me in my life.

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  1. I neglect myself too often. And when I don't, and I do something for myself, I feel guilty that I'm not meeting someone else's needs. It's a vicious cycle. Congrats on your weight loss! Keep planning! I need to do that, but my heart just isn't in it right now. My husband has been dieting since Thanksgiving, and he is very unpleasant when he is too hungry. I don't want to be like that.


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