Thursday, February 5, 2015

February Monthly Goals

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Monthly Goals


  • Paint Joshua's painting Failed I opened the canvas wrappers but never even started painting any of it.  Hmm...I will have to make sure they are done for his birthday.  There is a good chance my second oldest will be moving this Fall to Florida.  It is going to break my heart having one of my children so far away but he is so excited and how can I not be happy for him doing what he wants to do.  Who knows, maybe Florida will be our vacation destination next Summer?
  • Read a book  SUCCESS I read two books: The Fault In Our Stars and Orphan Train.
  • Set my Goodread yearly goal   SUCCESS done!
  • Begin a Healthier Me Road  SUCCESS I am so proud and pumped about this new road.  I lost 9 pounds in January and my goal is to be down a total of 30 pounds by May 24.  I have a lot of pressure to stay on track more than just me wanting to be healthy.  One of the tours we will be taking while in Yellowstone is White Water Rafting and I need to make sure I am way under the weight limit maximum and fit into their wet suits. I know I can do this!
  • Make my final payment for Ethan's Spain Trip  SUCCESS  I am so excited for him. He deserves this 2 week get away to Spain.
  • Begin Ethan's slide show for graduation. SUCCESS  I cannot believe my little Ethan ( or not so little he is 6 foot 1 inches as he constantly tells me.) will be graduating in May.  My, my where does the time go?
I feel good with meeting nearly all of my goals, yes I did take it a little easy on me because of the Whooping Cough and I am so happy I am near the end of this illness.


  • Complete my paintings for Taj's Valentine's Gift
  • Participate in a painting class
  • Learn to crochet
  • Read a book
  • Work out 6 times a week
  • Have a special Valentine's Day/Night
  • Go on a campus tour with Ethan
  • Donate clothing to Goodwill
  • Start working on decorating the stairway
What goals do you have?


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  1. Jolene,
    I'm not good in setting goals... never have. I take it with the flow ahahaha
    And is so good to read other people's success and you have an amazing successful list.

    PS - may I add a little something about what I think about your only (atta girl!) fail?! The first in point? Emotionally you're boycotting the emotional farewell that the piece will mean... stop it! And put that lovely heart of yours and your amazing heart in the canvas and let the boy have his piece which will mean your warm hug and strong support through good and not-so-good times.


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