Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How I Try To Stay Organized

This month's 12x30 Challenge is Organization.  This monthly challenge is hosted by Angie (My So-Called Chaos) and Kenzie (Chasing My Extraordinary).  This post will be how I try to stay on task.  It is how I try to keep myself organized.  The past few years I found keeping a calendar in my purse very useful, especially last year when Noah's doctor appointments started to pile up.  This year I added a journal as well.  Here are my two organization tools I use daily, without them I would be so lost.
On the right is my journal and the left is my planner

One thing I look in for my planner is monthly as well as weekly.  This year I decided to use highlighters to help assist me as well.  I highlight the days we have Taj to assist me at a quick glance to help determine that evenings meals.  Due to the fact Taj will be eating with us, they need to be Taj friendly as well.  Orange outlined days are Noah's appointments either with his therapist or psychiatrist.  Pink is a special occasion. I keep track of any PTO (personal time off) I use for work and how many hours as well as how many PTO hours I earn that month.   February I added green ink for my water aerobic classes.  In my notes section in blue I keep a running total of FSA dollars spent to keep track how much is on my card.  Near the bottom of the notes section I keep track of my out of pocket expenses in medical (blue will be for Noah because who knows, maybe his father will go by the court order and do the right thing and reimburse me for his share after I meet the first $250 of the year.  Black will be everyone else in the family.)  I found last year our insurance company's accumulators did not work properly and we met our family out of pocket in July but I did not figure this out until October and spent the last four months battling them to correct it and reimburse us for the overpayment, the last week in December we were reimbursed nearly $800, so this year I am going to stay on top of it with being organized from the beginning.
My planner has weekly as well and I place a post it tab on the week I am, so I can find it easily.  In purple I write the bills I need to pay, how much and when they are due.  I chose green ink this week for all my daily to do list.  I will add if I need to as the week progresses.
The back of my planner I have a note section.  On the left in pink I break down my daily chores.
Make Beds
Wipe Bedroom Counters
Empty Dishwasher (only on Wednesdays)
Start a Load of Laundry
Load Dishwasher
Wipe Kitchen Counters
Take Out Trash
I also do another load of Laundry
Weekly Chores:
Monday: Vacuum & Sweep
Tuesday: Living Room & Entry
Wednesday: Clean Bathrooms
Thursday: Clean Kitchen
Friday: Clean Bedroom
Monthly Chores:  Done on Saturday One each week of the month.
Clean Refrigerator
Dust & Wipe Furniture
Organize & Donate
Clean Mirrors, Door Knobs, & Windows.

On the right are ideas and tips for our vacation we are planning this year.
This year the journal is new.  It was part of my Loving Myself in 2015.  This journal I will add inspiration, Road Map to Success, and my food journal, water intake, and workout.  Below is my Road Map to Success.  I started out with my wish in the middle box in purple "Secure Happiness"  then from the wish box I have four boxes leading, the upper left is lifetime "More Quality of Life"  then on the upper right 3 years from now "Ballroom Dancing", lower left is 1 year from now goal "Participate in the March of Dimes Walk" and the lower right is a goal from 3 months from now "Get Healthy" - lose 30 pounds.  Next group stems from the "Get Healthy" box.  How am I going to meet this goal in 3 months.  Well, "work out"- the goal is 6 times per week. "Buy a Gym Membership" (did this on Saturday) , next would be "Sleep", 8 hours every night.  "Prep Meals", to do this I will make sure I have my weekly grocery shopping done by Saturday.  Journal my weekly menu and plan the calories, carbohydrates, fat in take per meal and pack my lunch the day before.  Ultimately I want to lose 30 pounds by May 24th.  We will see how well I stick to my Road Map to Success.
I enter every piece of food I eat and keep track of the calories and carbohydrates in the journal and keep track of my water intake by 8 ounces at a time.  The goal is to drink 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water per day.  I also include what type of workout I will do and every now and then add inspirational words and drawings for me.
I have found by breaking down my house chores a little each day gives me more time on the weekend to have fun and do things I want to do and not fall behind. I also found the journaling is working well.  I lost 9 pounds last month.  I am so thrilled.  The gym membership will begin next week.

What do you use or aids you to stay organized?  

12X30 Challenge January: The Love Yourself Challenge



  1. Wahoo, great tips girl! I like the new layout too. I need to be so much better about writing in my planner.

  2. I would be SO lost without my planner! My memory is awful so I have to write down everything or I forget. I love that you use a highlighter for different things -- it really helps keep things organized and it is great when you need to find certain things quickly. I also love your journal! The road map to success is such a brilliant idea!

  3. I use the same brand of planner - Blue Sky! I am a teacher and they are the BEST for keeping everything organized since they have the weekly and monthly views.


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