Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kitchen Organization

Organization is so very important in the Kitchen. When I moved in with Todd nearly 10 years ago we joined two households and had eight people (well nine because Kera's boyfriend was living with us as too basically.)   It was rather challenging trying to keep store the food I purchased weekly.  Our refrigerator I began to organize like this in 2009.  I basically still keep our refrigerator like this but we also have a container for water with a pouring spout in it.

In 2014, I decided I wanted assistance with measurements and a place where carbohydrate list of foods.  Todd and I started to track carbohydrates once again to become healthier, he is diabetic and I am border line.  I refer to my charts in the cupboard often the first several months.

 The same time I added my charts I added lid holders to my pots and pans cupboard.  I love this!
 Our pantry seemed to be a catch all and was not organized well at all.

In 2011 I did a little organization to the pantry.  It was just the beginning.

Then in 2014 I added more organization.  I removed all the appliances and stored them in the closet (small walk-in closet off the small living room.) and I added a few hanging baskets.

 As soon the weather warms up a little, we plan to re-organize the pantry one more time.  I am tired of having to go into the small living room closet to get my appliances so I have pinned this on Pinterest last year. I found my husband looking at it as well from some forum he belongs to.  We both have agreed this will be a project we are going to definitely do.  I plan to have the top shelf hold all of the boxes of cereals and other tall boxes. then the next shelves will be the cans.  I cannot wait because I will be able to move some of our canned items downstairs in a storage room moved into the pantry.  Seriously I am nearly squealing from excitement. 
Detailed instructions for a DIY narrow Rolling Pantry which slides between a wall and the fridge.

12 x 30 Challenbe

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  1. I love your kitchen organization on the pantry idea next to the fridge. Our pantry is so tiny and so crammed full of random things right now -- it is my next major project.


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