Monday, February 16, 2015

My Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day as you may or may not know is my favorite holiday so I wanted to make it extra special for those who were home.  Of course I bought chocolates and candy for all the kids (Todd picked up a rose for each of the girls too.) and I added a couple of books for Taj as well.  I made a special breakfast for everyone who was home.  I made heart shaped pancakes for all. 
Each family member's plate was specific for them.  Todd had his egg white omelet and one over easy egg along with bacon and ham and his heart shaped pancake.

Ethan does not like eggs, so he is heart shaped pancakes to the max with ham, he also does not like bacon.

Noah likes his eggs scrambled, so he had scrambled eggs and cheese, bacon, ham, and a heart shaped pancake.

Taj had the same meal as Noah but he does not cut his pancakes and I wanted him to recognize the hearts, so I made his pancakes more of a bite size.  (Well we only had to cut them in half for him.)

Emily stopped by late morning and took Taj with her to pick up some flowers for Kera and bring lunch to her.  Taj loved giving his Mommy flowers and lunch.  I guess he did not want to leave her. 

While Taj was away, I baked some heart shaped cookies.  Well I tried to make heart shaped cookies as much as I could.  The dough was already made and in the squares.  I just made a cut on the top and pinched the bottom of the square to make a point.  The kids could see the hearts and it made them happy and that is what counts.

For dinner, Todd and I had reservations later that night but I did not want the boys to be left out or Kera, so I made heart shaped personal pizza for them.  They all loved it. 
My Sweetheart picked out some beautiful long stem roses for me.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

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  1. Heart shaped pancakes! Wish I would have thought of that! So glad you had a lovely Valentine's Day Jolene! You made all of your Valentines feel so loved!


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