Monday, February 9, 2015

Sundays Make Me Happy~ Plus How to make Garlic Bone Bread Sticks and Blood Clot Brain Cupcakes

Sundays are my absolutely favorite day of the week.  It is the day most of our children come over to our house and have dinner.  It started with the boys playing games with one another after dinner, then the girls started to join the games and finally Todd and I did as well.  We also have some shows which most of us love and come on Sunday nights and we watch them as a family.  Yesterday was the premiere for the second half of the season "Walking Dead" and the premier for "Got to Call Saul" a spin off of "Breaking Bad"

Typically I am trying to find something to cook for our little get together.  Joshua's girlfriend is a vegetarian so I have been creative to include her.  Todd thought it would be fun to have a Walking Dead themed dinner. He suggested elbow macaroni and cheese and possibly chicken fingers for dinner.  I loved the idea and thought we could do better, thus I searched Pinterest for some creepy dinner meals.  I really wanted to make the meatloaf zombie head but I thought I really wanted to include McKenzie too.  (I do have an alternative now for McKenzie, so I might do it for the season finale dinner.)  We decided on our menu:  Chicken Alfredo (meatless pot for McKenzie) with Garlic Bone Bread Sticks and for dessert it was Blood Clot Brain Cupcakes.

Todd was excited when he saw the cupcakes completed and the bread stick prepped.
Blood Clot Brain Cupcakes.
I only had 3 minutes to decorate, so the brain did not turn out exactly like I would have liked.
Below, The Garlic Bone Bread Sticks prepared for the oven.
Everyone was excited about dinner.  The bread sticks turned out perfect.  
All you need to do is take a package of tubed garlic bread stick and unroll.  Instead of twisting, roll together, as if you were little playing with clay and making a snake.  Tie a knot on both ends and with scissors make a cut in the center of your knot.  Took as directed.  Perfect bones!
The cupcakes I cheated and used a box of white cake mix.  Follow the instructions on the box.  Fill the cupcake liner half full, then take a scoop of strawberry jam and place in the middle.  After the jam is placed in the middle top with cake batter.  Cook as directed and let the cupcakes cook.  Then decorate the top to make it look like a brain.  The insides was suppose to ooze but I do not think I placed enough jam in the center.
Although the cupcakes did not ooze, the kids loved them and thought it was a cool idea. 
Do you ever have themed dinners? 

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