Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Confessional

It is Friday and you all know what that means?  Yep, you guessed it, time to fess up.  Come join the fun over at Aubrey's High-Heeled Love.  She host this little party every Friday.
I confess...

I absolutely love my new employer MediRevv!  I have never worked for a company like this before.  Their motto is we Play Hard and Work Hard.  We actually do!
 I confess...

Our Holiday Party was very similar but better.  Yes, we had dinner, drinks, and a dance floor.  We also had activities to participate if we wish, such as trivia games, game show games, photo booth, and a very large raffle where the employees won gifts from the company.

I confess...

We had a very generous Christmas bonus.  We have great management from team leads up to the CEO.  My Supervisor is so great and understand.  It has been a very long time since I have felt so appreciated for my hard work.

I confess...

We participate in Spirit Week which co-insides with Iowa Hawkeye's Homecoming.  We decorate Christmas stockings, Valentine Bags.  Celebrate Halloween in many ways.  We celebrate Nacho Chips Day, Pet Day, et cetera.  Today we celebrated Employee Appreciation Day.  I walked in with banners, streamers, high-fives, "Happy Employee Appreciation Day!", and kazoos.  We had healthy snacks, game shows through out the day to participate. Our production was reduced by 25% as a gift.  They gave us little stress toys.  It was such a fun day. 

I confess...

My employer is supporting my team as well.  My team is the largest and we have a weight loss competition "Biggest Loser" for ten weeks. One of the upper management caught word of this and purchased a scale for our Fitness Room.  He also had his personal trainer give a lunch and learn for us with a sample workout and meal planning. How great is that?!  Right!!

I confess...

MediRevv has won awards:
Customer Rated, KLAS Reviewed 2013
Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies, 2012, 2013
2014 Top Growth Company Prometheus Award
Corridor Business Journal Fastest Growing Companies, 2011, 2013, 2014 
Corridor Business Journal Coolest Places to Work, 2013, 2014
Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work, 2011, 2012
Inc. Hire Power Award, 2012, 2013
Des Moines Register Top Places to Work, 2012, 2013, 2014    

We just made the finalist for the following award:
Top Growth Company - We were a finalist in 2013 and winner in 2014
CEO of the Year- Chris was a finalist in 2013 and 2014
Technology Company of the Year- We are the finalist this year and the first time ever entered in this category. 

I confess..

All of this is just in the past six months, that is all I have been a MediRevver.  I am so thrilled for working for this company. 



  1. Couldn't happen to a more deserving person.
    Go Jolene! And Have lots of Fun,

  2. Your new company sounds like a great place to work!


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