Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy List ~ Printcess Mineral Make-Up

Beth from Printcess & Living a Goddess Life, who also has her own mineral eye make up Printcess hosted a give a way and I was the lucky winner of three of my choice of her mineral eye make up.  Now, I have to be truthful, I have never used mineral make up before but I am in love with her Printcess line. I love how she has combined two passions of hers... literature and eye make up.  I had been wanting to purchase some as well, so I ended up with six new colors to play with...
Top Row- Left to Right: Manuscript, Alibi, Prologue
Bottom Row- Left to Right: Once Upon A Time, Heist, Royal
Samples Ardently and Sassy

And play with I did.  Alibi on eye lid over my black eye liner, Manuscript center of eye lid and Royals outer corner of eye lid.
(This one is my ultimate favorite!)

Now, I do not apply my eye ware heavy.  I tend to go on the lighter side, only due to a scar I have on my eyelid, but I have applied the darker colors to the area where the scar is and it was not as visible as other eye shadows have been. 

I plan to pick up some Vaseline to make lip gloss with Royals as well as pick up some clear fingernail polish.  I think I just might have to add Prologue to clear fingernail polish too for March 17th, St. Patrick's Day.  How fun would that be?  I think it will look awesome.  I will have to post a picture of this once I do make the fingernail polish.

Beth has several tips how to use the mineral make up other than just shadow for eyes.  You seriously should check out her line of mineral make up.  I love it and these are all of my own opinion.  She has no idea I am even posting about her product.  I find the mineral make up is easy to apply and I love the colors.  I look forward every morning to put on her line of mineral make up.  It just makes me HAPPY!



  1. D'aw, thank you so much! That my eye shadows make you happy is the best compliment I could ever receive. Colors make me happy, too, and I commend you for being open to playing with them! Some folks never step outside their eyeshadow comfort zone, and you know how fun it is. PLUS you have a skin tone that can rock Royals (YAY!) as well as Alibi (double yay!) and Prologue- well done, you. :D

  2. Oh no! Your photos disappeared! Should I remove them from my "Printcess Reviews" page? I don't want to infringe on any privacy things, if you deliberately removed them. :/

  3. Success! The photos are visible again. :D


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