Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Update~ What's Going On

I have been a little missing in action I know.  It  has been a little rough at times for the moment.  Noah has good and bad days, I am just not in the right frame of mind for the bad days right now.  Last Thursday, March 27th was my Dad's Birthday. 

Our first without him.  I did cry the first two hours of the day.  I mean I cried deeply like I did when my Mom called and told me he passed, however after that, I felt a sense of relief.  I was able to watch the memorial slide show I created and did not cry or tear up at all.  I just felt warm while I watched it. 
March 27th was also Epilepsy Awareness Day and to show support one was to wear purple.  I found it fitting the the awareness day was on my Dad's birthday because poor lil' Miranda has anywhere from 5-30 seizures a day and she was such an inspiration to my Dad while he battled his cancer.
'In honor of Miranda... I'm sporting purple. Today is Epilepsy Awareness day, on my Dad's birthday.  How fitting since Miranda was his inspiration to battle cancer without a complaint.  He always told me if she can battle everything she goes through daily then what right does he have to complain about his cancer.  Miranda you are one very special little girl.'
Where I work, we took a group picture of those wearing purple and those who were affected personally by someone with epilepsy held signs who they were supporting.  I really love the company I work for.
'I love the company I work for...Epilepsy Awareness Day.  MediRevv Support'
I am second to the left in the white sweater.  It was a tad windy that day.

Later that night I met up with an old college friend, Pam.  I cannot believe it had been 25 years since I saw her last.  I had such a great time catching up with her and meeting her son.  They were here in Iowa City because he was touring Iowa's campus and possibly in two years he will be going to school here.  I hope so, I also hope he is able to earn a spot on the basketball team.  I would love to see him play.  My friend was super sweet and gave me a gift.  I very much love it.  I think it is the prettiest book I own.  I used to have a pink Bible exactly the same color.
Jolene Evans's photo.

After dinner, I picked up Madi, Ethan's girlfriend and we drove up to Cedar Rapids to pick him up.  His flight was late but it was good to see Ethan.

Taj missed him.  He told me Ethan was away for Spain College.  I just love that kid he is so funny. 


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