Thursday, April 9, 2015

How Can It Be One Year?

I have kept myself busy today.  I thought with my mind being busy I may not cry much.  I had one co-worker write on her calendar to come give me a hug today.  What a sweetheart.  It is sort of strange realizing my Dad has left this earth now for one year.  It sort of feels surreal still.   April 24th the funeral home we girls worked with for the cremation will have a memorial for all those who they assisted over the past year.  His name will be added to their memorial garden.  I plan to take the day off and be with my sisters that day.  I cannot think of what to do to honor him today, there were terrible storms, so I could not release any balloons in honor of him.  All I can think of is re-posting the video I created for his memorial.  I miss you so much Dad and will always love you.  Thank you for coming to me in my dream the night you passed giving me the message and allowing me to say good-bye that way since I was the only one of your girls who did not make it in person.


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  1. It's a day that will always be in my memory no matter how many years pass. It's also my ex's birthday,


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