Sunday, April 19, 2015

Peep Show...Belated St Patrick's Day...I Love My Employer

I absolutely love where I work.  We have a lot of fun besides working hard.   The week before Easter there was a Peep Show contest.  My team did not win but it was so much fun.

My Team: Peep Busters
I had my Samsung Galaxy/Nook playing the "Ghost Busters" Theme Song.

Here are pictures of the other Peep Shows:
This one was one of my favorites.  Check out the close ups I took.
She was so detailed. 
The Bearded Lady and Tiny
The Two Headed Lady
The Creepy Clown
The Three Boobed Lady
The Magician who saws people in half.
Strong Man
Another one I had to take close ups for.  
I laughed so hard because they actually took words from the commercial.  
This is a take off of dating site.
This one was sort of funny too, the controversial dress...
Blue with Gold Stripes OR White with Gold Stripes.
Below is one of the VP...His entry "Chick Magnet"
Below was the entry from IT department.
And the winner this year, who took home the bragging rights and the trophy!
They also had a "Wizard of Oz" soundtrack playing.

 I have plans for our entry already for next year.  I am so excited!  St. Patrick's Day was another time for teams to get together and compete for another bragging rights and trophy.  Here were this year's entries:
Lucky Charms
Magically Delicious
Magically Delicious.jpga
Lucky Rainbow Treasure Marshmallow Charms
Let's Get Ready To Stumble
The Sham-Rockers
Four Leaf Coders
The Paddy Wagon
The Floating Irish
The Lucky Roy G Biv Clan (The Winners)
Sassy 'Stached Sillies
St Patrick's Day Shamrocks  (My Team)
This is the first year for my team...NOW that we know this competition stuff is serious we are upping the game for next year.  (he he he)

Seriously where I work, we are up for several awards and just last week the Prometheus Awards were given.  This is a technology award, the best in Iowa. This is our 3rd year in a row being nominated and winning at least one of the nominations.  The year we won (and last year) Top Growth Company in 2015.  My employer experienced 39 percent revenue growth last year and added 90 jobs.  We have two more new clients coming on board which will add another 60 positions.  The other award we won (was nominated the past three years) CEO of the Year!  I just love where I work and I am so thankful I found the perfect company.

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  1. :D Of all the posts I've read over here today, this is the one I'm commenting on!!! You are truly blessed, my friend….truly blessed! Shanley Belle loves Peeps (she's a it obsessed) so she'll love seeing this post, too.

    You are working for a fantastic company, and they are LUCKY to have YOU!!! :D

    It's been a busy spring for your, too, and I want to congratulate your graduate.



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