Friday, May 1, 2015

A Living Tribute Dedication

Last Friday, April 24th I went to Des Moines.  My sisters and I received a letter from Hamilton's Funeral regarding a Living Tribute Dedication to in honor and remembrance of those who they have served in partnership with the Des Moines Botanical and Environmental Center  Every spring on Arbor Day, Hamilton's, together with The Des Moines Botanical Garden, holds a Living Tribute Dedication ceremony.





The above photos are all courtesy of Hamilton's Funeral Website.

 This small dedication ceremony is a chance for everyone to pause and reflect at the Botanical Center by the river.  It is a time of remembrance of the past, who we are and what we are about.  It is important for us to commemorate.  The Living Tribute is a way they hope we will find some comfort, support and will represent a lasting memorial to us and our family's heritage.  Each loved one's name is entered into a Living Tribute Book which is also located at each Hamilton's funeral home.  Off to the left of the entrance closer to the exit are show beds which is where the Living Tribute Gardens are located.  There will be four different show beds through out the year:  Stumped, La Liuvia, The Ginkgo Sesquicentennial, and Holiday Exhibition

The first show bed is the Stumped Garden.

This type of garden is popular in the United Kingdom, it is where the gardener collects trees, branches, and sticks that my have fallen and works them into the garden.  In the late winter, the botanical center collected stumps and logs which are supporting the moss and ferns.  The bed has spring flowering mixed in and is a perfect blend of what a peaceful woodland scene may look with the rebirth of spring. 

What a perfect show bed to have in a Living Tribute garden, rebirth.  Although we may miss our loved one we have to remember he/she is always with us and after the ceremony I felt exactly that, rebirth.  I guess the ceremony helped me move on with my grieving, acceptance phase.  I will always miss my Dad but I know he is in a better place and I will hold on to my memories of him.  I am finally at peace with it all.

I have always felt peace among flowers and in a garden perhaps that is why I have a few at home. I guess it is no surprise as this is where I found peace with my Dad's passing.

I plan to plant a rose bush in honor of my father this year.  Last year was way to hectic with the loss of him and Noah's issues.  This spring is my time for rebirth and I am thankful for Hamilton's Funeral and the Des Moines Botanical Center for this special dedication. I am in hopes to see each show bed as they change.  Watch for new postings when I do.



  1. This is such a beautiful way to remember your father. I'm so glad you got to attend this. Hubby & I should go check the botanical center out sometime. It's been years since I've been there. Have a great weekend hun! Hugs!

  2. That's wonderful! And you got some great photos!

    1. Thank you Forgetfulone! It was very peaceful there and I do plan on going back to each new show case.


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