Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Graduation ~ The Ceremony

During Ethan’s party, I realized I did not even pick up a card for him.  His gift was his Spain trip back in March, so Sunday morning before his graduation, I ran to the store to purchase his card.  I looked at four different cards and then picked out another.  I started to cry after I read the second page.  I knew this was the one.  My husband came down the aisle and looked at me.  I just told him I found the one and how it made me cry.  He smiled and told me how much he loves me.

I made the big breakfast my special graduate requested and then shortly after that it was time.

 Ethan with my Mom.

 He just got his smart phone at the beginning of the month.
This is all I see him doing now. 
 Pre-Ceremony at the Carver Aerna where the 
Hawkeyes play basketball and wrestle.
 All of the diplomas waiting to be handed out to the class of 2015.
 My Graduate.
(I am still trying to get used to my new camera.)
 The entire 2015 Class of Iowa City High
 Someone was a little bored during the speech part.
 Getting ready to line up for the stage presentation.

 His name will be called shortly!
 I must fight the tears...
Yep, I moved from crying and did not get the shot.

 Trying to find his hat after they threw them up into the air.
Post Ceremony.  I love this picture of my boys!
They are such a handsome bunch!
 I love this one too.  It is such a great picture of the three of them.
Kera looks good in this one.  Taj was warn out from the long ceremony.
 Miss Madi and her beau the graduate.
 Tod and Joshua just waiting to find Ethan again.
 Alright everyone.  This picture is a good shot of the boys with their aunt.
Their aunt is showing a lot of signs of the family disease.  
She kept it from us this year because she did not want to ruin Ethan's Senior year.
I love this photo of them but look between Joshua and Ethan.
Yep, someone photo bombed it.  I cracked up laughing when I saw it.
 Ethan with his other grandmother.

Where has the time gone?  It seems just like yesterday he graduated from preschool where yes, I cried when he walked across the stage then too.  Now, I have only a little more than two months and my little cuddle bug will be moving out.  I am going to miss this kid.  I am so proud of you Ethan and love you.



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  1. I didn't get to finish my comment. Our caps and gowns were red (not read). It is such a surreal experience watching the kids graduate? Time flew!


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