Monday, May 11, 2015

May Goals

It is a blog hop, so click on the Monthly Goal button and you will see those who play along post as well.
Monthly Goals

  • Read a book  Complete Game of Thrones first book.  FAILURE:  I was unable to even open the book.
  • Complete all four panels of my Season Paintings and hang it in the foyer.   FAILURE:  Oh epic failure.  I will have to do this in June.
  • Complete the foyer decorations. 
  • Paint the stairway.  SUCCESS
  • Decorate the stairway.  FAILURE Noah's latest episode took from getting things done once again.
  • Paint and remodel the small hallway downstairs.  FAILURE  Noah's latest episode took from getting things done once again.
  • Plan a wonderful Easter.  SUCCESS We had a wonderful Easter.  You can read about it here.
  • Take Ethan to rent a Tux for Prom. SUCCESS  I am excited to see him in it.  I think he is going to look sharp.
  • Take some outdoor pictures of Ethan in his cap and gown.  SUCCESS
  • Make Ethan's Open House Graduation Invitation & mail the invitations. SUCCESS His happy and that is what counts right?
  • Work out 6 times a week.  FAILURE 
  • Lose at least 10 pounds.  FAILURE  I gained 8 pounds
  • Pay of credit card for vacation.  SUCCESS I also started charging for vacation, therefore the save $300 I will say yes.
  • Save $300 for vacation.  SUCCESS   I saved $100 but charged $250 on my credit card for car rental and one hotel. 
Noah kept me from doing a lot of things needed.  I am so stressed at this time from him and now stressed because I have so much to do before Ethan graduates.  I am trying to see if his father will take him for the Summer.  This will help the boys by not being with one another, by the time Noah returns, Ethan will be moved out.  I have a nice hole in my wall from a door knob from their last fight.  Things are not getting better with Noah.  We are beginning to think we need individual counseling to deal with all the stress from Noah. 

  • Order deli meat for the Graduation Party
  • Pick up cheese for the Graduation Party
  • Order cake for the Graduation Party
  • Pick up ingredients to make the pasta salad and snicker bar salad.
  • Order potato salad and pulled pork from Fareway for the Graduation Party
  • Graduation Party
  • Ethan's Graduation (try to keep it together Mama)
  • Work out 6 times a week.
  • Lose at least 10 pounds
  • Start making reservations for vacation.
  • Work in the flower beds/gardens
  • Work in the vegetable gardens.
  • Update my Garden Blog
  • Read a book.
  • Resurface the deck.
  • Finish Joshua's Painting for his birthday.
  • Celebrate Matthew's birthday
  • Celebrate Joshua's birthday

What type of goals do you have this month?


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