Thursday, June 11, 2015

Art Festival 2015

Every Summer Iowa City (Des Moines does too) there is an Art Festival downtown.  My very first year here in Iowa City,my younger boys (Ethan and Noah) and I went downtown to look at the artwork.  They were a little too young and we only made it the area where the children could create and they loved it.  All of my boys love artwork and creating.  I added going to the Art Festival to my 50 things to do by the time I turn 50 years old.  I was not planning for it to be this year but the festival happened to fall upon a weekend we had nothing major planned so we went not only once but twice.  Friday night in the summer, Todd and I love to walk downtown and he just happened to have Friday night off because he had to work during the day so we took advantage of the time and had dinner downtown and walked and looked at very little of the displays because it was basically over for the night. 

We talked about going on Saturday after the Farmer's Market but we had to pick up a gift from Matthew and Joshua for Taj's party so we did not make it down.  Instead we went on Sunday.  There were over 200 booths.  The weather was so warm and muggy.  We were in hopes of finding a metal sculpture to add to an area in our yard.  The sculpture we are looking for would be of a cat.  We only found one but it was way too bright for our needs.  This cat sculpture will be for a memorial for Libby and Tilly.  You can read about Libby here and Tilly by click here.  Our search will continue because we are not settling, these cats were special to us. 

While I was waiting on Todd to quit talking to an old high school friend, who he happened to have had a HUGE crush on while he was in high school (she is an artist and was demonstrating clay pottery) and she was his first crush, I ventured through several booths and sat at the Ped Mall watching Irish Dancing.  After they completed, 20 minutes later, I texted him saying I was ready to move on without him.  He soon showed up.  *wink*
We found so many artwork we loved, so many mediums, canvas paintings, oil and acrylic and some with paper incorporated.  Work with stones, jewelry, pottery, dolls/toys, metal sculptures, clothing, photography.  You name and it was there. 

Here is a picture of a print Ethan picked up while he was there on Friday.
 Please excuse the glare

Here is a picture of a print we picked up.  I plan to have it matted and framed.
 Again, please excuse the glare.

I love the fact my husband enjoys doing this type of thing with me, even if he wasted 20 minutes with an old crush. 



  1. I like both pieces! I have a couple of pieces of photography. I should collect more because I'm such a horrible photographer. I drive my art teacher crazy!

  2. Fun! I love seeing art that others make.


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