Friday, June 12, 2015

Book Review ~ Orphan Train

Orphan Train

The author Christina Baker Kline did an excellent job weaving two stories into one novel.  I just loved this book.  The book was less about the orphan-train but about two girls growing up many years apart who experience being an orphan in common.  Molly Ayer is a girl who keeps getting bounced from one foster home to the next and begins to get into trouble to avoid emotions.  She is assigned community hours for stealing a book.  She goes to work for a 91 year old woman named Vivian Daly.  Vivian's attic needed to be sorted and cleaned.  While Molly worked Vivian would tell the young girl about her past.  Each memento Molly would pick up would bring a memory Vivian would share. 

The two develop a close relationship and Molly sees how they have a similar life and is happy how Vivian has helped her.  Molly opens up some to Vivian as well and realizes she is one person she can count on.  Molly realizes she has the power to assist Vivian with finding answers which has bothered Vivaina most of her life. 

I would have like a little more about the orphan train but I was not disappointed in the book one bit.  Once again, I found a great book about how friendship blooms where it is least expected.  I truly enjoyed reading this book.

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  1. It sounds interesting the way the author weaved the stories together. I take it Vivan was on the orphan train? I may have to add this book to my list.

  2. Great review, Jolene. I've had this on my want to read list for a long time. I think I'd really like it! I might try to work this one in this summer. :)

    Literary Friday is back, and I would love it (if you have time) to link-up today. I didn't really promote it, so no one has linked-up yet....


    PS I like stories about interesting/unique friendships, too.

    Oh! I just remembered....I'll email you....

  3. This sounds like a book I would enjoy! You did a wonderful review!

  4. I keep seeing this book, but never even picked it up. Sounds like I should have though. (P.S.- Love the forget me not background your blog is sporting today- very cute!)


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