Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Burlington ~ Steamboat Days

This past weekend we had Taj but we still planned on going on an adventure.  Our original plan had to be changed.  We will still go but it will have to be later.  The store was closed due to a death of one of the owners, Saturday was the funeral.  We changed our plans up and headed to Burlington, Iowa.  It was Steamboat Days.  We actually hit a few stops before the Steamboat Days Festival sight.  Burlington is where Todd was born and he lived there his early childhood and had so many fond memories.  We first drove through a State Park his grandparents lived so close to.
We stopped at his grandparents' old farm.  I felt so bad for him.  He was so sad when he saw it because there was so much that changed.  He talked about how there was a small orchard and a few rows of grapes.  Several buildings were missing and they filled in the pond on the property.  They tore down an addition to the house his grandparents made and added a larger addition.  They split the land into sections and a housing development is being constructed on part of the land.  I felt bad for him to see the sadness in his eyes.  He spent many summers with his grandparents and visited them often.
Next we stopped at the first home he could remember.  He lived there from the age of one up through 2nd grade.  I loved seeing the smiles he had when he talked about the home.
The house was a shade of pink when he lived in it.
Final house stop was his great grandma's house.  His grandfather's mom.  He sat in the car and smiled at this house.
Next on our agenda was to find Snake Alley.  Snake Alley was completed in 1898, it was a street which connected Heritage Hill to the downtown business district.  Bricks were originally laid at a angle to allow horses better footing going down but they always lost control going back up, so to this day it is a one way street, where traffic goes down the hill.  Snake Alley took on this name later because the street curves like a snake moving down the hill.  The turns are sharper than San Francisco's Lombard Street but less turns.  In 1940 Robert L. Ripley from "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" named it The Crookedest Street in the World.
 Above: The Exit
Below:The Entrance
 Looking down as we are driving.
 Bonus shot:  I captured myself taking the picture by 
pure accident in the side view mirror.
I am glad Todd was the driver.  This was a very steep alley and Taj was so funny.  He heard me say (in a scared voice) "I guess I am getting a little practice with the mountain driving for our vacation."  Taj then started yelling, "Oh, no!  The wild animals are going to get us."  We laughed and laughed.  I have no clue where the kid came up with that. 

Taj could stand it no longer driving around, he wanted to have fun so we headed to the festival.
 Showing off for us.
 He played a game here.  
They get to pick up any three water animals and then
pick out any prize they wanted.
See the colorful ball?  We paid $5 for it. *wink*
 On to the next game. 
Three tries for $5.
The third try an adult could help.
Again, everyone is a winner. 
 Of course it was going to be Spiderman.
 His orneriness was showing in this one.
 The next ride he had the most fun on he told us.
Of course because his Papa was on it with him.
 Below:  I love this one. 
Just look at the two having so much fun with one another
AND Spiderman.
However the lady next to them.
She was getting a little annoyed because they were having
too much fun with Spiderman. 
After spending some time enjoying rides and playing games we then drove around the area of Snake Alley because I saw some beautiful churches.  They had four within a two block area and one far off.
 Todd told me the peak of this steeple is the tallest point
in Burlington.
Burlington is a city which resides beside the great Mississippi River
Burlington is 1 hour and 17 minutes from Iowa City.


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  1. Oh, I love the historic homes! And I'm glad the wild animals didn't get you. ;)


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