Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Decorah ~ Dunning Springs Park.

On our Adventure on June 27 to Laura Days in Burr Oak, we thought we would stop in Decorah.  You, know where the famous Bald Eagles are on video.  This city is absolutely breath taking.  It is found in a valley between hills.  Iowa is very hilly.  I am sure it is so pretty in this city during the fall when the leaves are changing colors.

Our mission was Dunning Springs Park one of Todd's employees told him about this, I also read about it in the book but did not imagine the beauty.  I also do not remember the book mentioning the waterfall.  Yes, Iowa has a waterfall.  I was so surprised to find this.  Oh, I have seen spillways which are beautiful here in Iowa but this is a natural waterfall.  It was well worth our stop.  There was so much beauty here.  We went to the Ice Cave first because there was a wedding taking place next to the waterfall.  The Ice Cave is actually that, a cave you can explore and ice can be found on the walls well into Mid-August.  At one time, one could crawl all the way through the cave, but now they have bars to end the exploration and make them turn around and go out another opening.  We did not go to far into the cave.  Well Todd chose not to, I told him to go ahead without me, I would just return to the car.  I could not go any further because in order to get around, one had to crawl on your knees something I cannot do at all due to the intense pain.  
Above: The cave's entrance.
Below: Inside where ice was on the cave's walls.
Below: Our stopping point.  At this point to go further one would need to crawl through it.

I hope we go again with the kids, this way Todd will explore the caves more.

After the caves we headed towards the waterfall.  We stalled a little and took in the view where the stream flowed into the river.

On the road to the waterfall, I came across this little butterfly.
I love butterflies!

There was a stairway one can go up to see the top of the waterfall.  We chose to do this while the wedding was finishing up.  Todd went all the way up to the top.  I was able to get a little more than half up,the steps were a little too steep for my knees.  (I am concerned about our trip to Yellowstone due to all the aches in my knees.) 
By the time Todd came back down the wedding was over and we went to check out the waterfall. Todd climbed the rock while I took pictures below.  Todd took a few pictures with his phone and told me the water came from an opening in the cave.  This would explain why the water was ice cold.  He also said there was a spot at the top it felt like there was an air conditioner blowing from the cave. 

The little valley at the base of the waterfall the temperature was cooler.  I can see why someone would have a summer wedding here.

Below: Todd near the top of the waterfall.
Below: Todd took a picture of me taking a picture of him.  
One of our selfies for the day.
We just loved this place and had a great day.
This is definitely a hidden jewel of Iowa.  If ever you find yourself traveling through Iowa and have time for an hour stop, definitely make sure you stop in Decorah, Iowa and check out Dunning Springs Park.  They have several hiking trails as well.

Decorah is 2 hours and 41 minutes north of Iowa City.


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