Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy List ~ Wedding Reception, Farmer's Market, and Flowers

I never posted about Todd's boss' wedding reception.  He and his wife were married January 1 in Wisconsin but held their wedding reception here in Iowa to celebrate with family and friends.  It was an evening wedding and held at his parents farm.  They had it catered by a local grilling pit (Yes, more pulled pork.) and they had a band.  His boss also had a beer tap trailer and I found I like apple hard cider.  It is the only type of beer that I can drink.  I loved the setting.
What I loved the most was how creative she was with her guest book.  She created a Happy Tree and the guest were to create thumbprints and sign their names by their prints. This just made me so HAPPY to see.  I hope one of the kids allow us to do this for their wedding whenever the time
Going to the Farmer's Market makes me HAPPY!  We keep going in hopes to find this man who creates a metal outdoor cat head decoration but we have had no luck so far.  However, I love having breakfast down there.  Typically we have the organic local burritos and they are delicious.  This past Saturday we tried something new and it was good.  We had breakfast dumplings.  I had bacon and eggs dumpling and Taj was with us.  He did not like his apple turnover he insisted on having and for every bite I had he had one as well of my dumpling.  It makes me HAPPY he was willing to try some new things.

While we were at the market there was a balloon artist and Taj got a red sword.  Todd told him to not swing it as we walked along.
Yep, he was a typical child and swung it.  It did not last long, once we got home he took it to the backyard and it popped.
We also picked up our new bird house.  This is not a good picture.  I will take another picture after I hang it near where both Tilly and Libby are buried.  I plan to paint the cat into a Tabby Cat this Winter.  I just did not want to mess with it right now.  The bird house makes me HAPPY.  He made it special for me.  I noticed he had dogs with wings but he never had a cat, so I asked and he made his first cat with wings.

I added to my butterfly garden and need only two more plants to add.  Actually it will be the same type of plant but I want them planted in two different spots.  I cannot wait to have it completed and then add mulch. 
We had to add a rabbit fence to it because the stinking rabbits ate the tops of my cone flowers.  I managed to save one of them.  I posted more about my butterfly/humming bird garden on my garden post.  If you want to read more about it, hop on over.  My gardens make me HAPPY!
This flower garden makes me very HAPPY.  It is one of my favorites.  We bought a new plant Lavender Falls Wisteria to add but still need to add it.  I cannot wait to see it bloom next year it is suppose to grow on the trellis and the flowers remind me of lilacs.
This Asiatic Lily always puts a smile on my face.  The name of it is Tiny Todd.  Tiny because this lily does not grow very tall.  HAPPY  I was so excited when I found this lily in the store.  I had planted a day lily just a few days prior named Joylene. 

What makes you happy?


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  1. Great list, and I'm so glad you told me about it. That book idea is adorable! I really love it. :)
    BTW that wisteria is going to be gorgeous when it matures. I love wisteria. Flowers make me happy, too….how can they not?



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