Friday, June 5, 2015

Literary Friday ~ The Quilter's Apprentice

The Quilter's Apprentice (Elm Creek Quilts, #1)

This book was a wonderful weekend read.  It was perfect for me to curl up with and read as a relaxing read.  The book was not one which kept me in suspense nor was it an action pack type of book but I did find it light and relaxing.  I did enjoy it. 

The main character is Sarah McClure, she finds herself having a hard time finding a job which she enjoys after moving to a small college town in Waterford, Pennsylvania.  One day she went with her husband after another failed interview to a new job site he was hired to do the landscaping, Elm Creek Manor.  This is where she meets Mrs. Compson (Sylvia) seventy-five-year-old  very feisty owner.  Mrs.Compson offers Sarah a job to help clean and declutter the inside of the manor while her husband cleans and re-landscapes the grounds in order for Sylvia to be able to sale the manor. 

Sarah develops a close bond to Sylvia the two women learn many things from one another.  I loved watching how this relationship bloomed all over the love of quilting and was eager to learn more about Sylvia Compson's past.  I loved reading how Sarah's opinions of the old lady changed and how protective she became of her.  The deep friendship lessons the book shows the reader.  This book is definitely a book about sisterhood and shows how we as people are like quilts, you can have a bunch of scraps (different types of personalities) but when placed together becomes a beauty for all to enjoy.

My only negativity is that I was not aware it was a series book and I am not sure if I actually want to read the remaining books or just let this be a beautiful piece on it's own.  I did enjoy the characters but I felt the book as a simple quick read was enough.



  1. Sometimes we need light and relaxing, don't we? Lovely review, Jolene!

  2. Oh, I hate when I enjoy a book and then find out it's not a stand-alone! But it sounds like a sweet novel, and I love tales of friendship and sisterhood. :)


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