Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May's Happy List

I posted about Ethan's graduation last week and it definitely made me Happy well and sad but a good sad.  He has grown into such a wonderful young man.

I am Happy Noah's Dad will be following through and keeping Noah this summer.  It will be a welcome break from dealing with him and the fights between he and Ethan.  Noah does not have a job so to separate the two it only made since for Noah.  I think Noah may have had a break through.  He has been doing much better since Mother's Day.  I think he realized he is at his end with us and both therapist and psychiatrist told him he is making it harder on himself, no medication will resolve it and basically he is just choosing to be defiant.   It also helps that Noah has an interest and made swing choir and in order to be in it, he has to do well in school, attend school, and stay out of trouble.  I hope this summer, Noah finally realizes how much he really does have.  His turn around makes me Happy.

Todd and I took Taj to Des Moines in May to see Sesame Street Live.  Although he did not have the same reaction as he did the first time (Click here to read about it.)

My front landscape and my little flower beds around the shed are getting in shape for the new season.  I cannot wait for my flowers to bloom through out the Summer, they make me HAPPY.

Noah had a solo with the last concert.  He did a great job, seeing Noah working on good things makes me EXTREMELY HAPPY.
My little butterfly/humming bird was cleaned and I planted seeds to add to the garden this season.
I had three sweet friends give me gifts with a Random Act of Kindness during the month of May.  The first some samples of Essential Oils, I still need to pick them up at the Post Office.  She sent them when she read my Facebook post how I had an anxiety attack one day.  It was day when Noah was missing from school and his mental state was very questionable.  The oils are to help de-stress.

Beth from Printcess & Living a Goddess Life sent me a little package out of the blue. 
I love the home made card, it is beautiful and several Typo samples to play with.  I really love her mineral makeup line.  She also sent Grow Don't Throw, they are wildflower seeds I plan to add to the butterfly/humming bird garden this weekend.  Thank you Beth you touched me deeply for your very thoughtful gift and great support.

I have a high school friend, I love her photography and keep telling her she needs to publish some of her work.  She sent me a surprise package as well.  A canvas print of one of her photographs.  The picture I took did not do any justice, it is with my phone and I was shaky from the severe anxiety attack earlier that day.

We celebrated both Matthew's and Joshua's birthday this month.  Matthew's landed on Mother's Day and the follow Sunday we celebrated Joshua's although his was only four days after Matthew's.  I cannot believe my older two babies turned 25 and 22 this year.  Time is surely flying by.  I love my boys with all of my heart and I am proud of how these two have become such wonderful young men. Below is a picture of all four after Ethan's graduation.  I think it is my absolute favorite.

I love where I work.  We truly have fun there.  We participated with Red Nose Day.

This little boy, he definitely knows how to make his Nana feel Happy and special.  While he was over during graduation weekend, he would crawl up on my lap several times and kiss on me.  He kept calling me his princess and he was the king.

Basically, life has ups and downs.  Life may be hard but I am so thankful for my little happiness in between to help me.  As my blog is titled I get by "With A Little Help From My Friends."  Thank you my friends!


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