Monday, June 8, 2015

Oh My!!! He Is Four Now!!!

Saturday was Taj's fourth birthday.  Yes, you read that correctly, he is NOW FOUR!  My, my time flies.  This year the party was more laid back, originally Kera was talking about a Super Hero party and wanted me to make a cake looking like Captain America's shield.  She then chose to have it at a place called Planet X in Cedar Rapids and have it low key this year and she was going to pick up a cake.  I am not sure what happened but around 9:30 on Friday the night before his birthday and the party she called me and asked if I was going to still make the cake for his party.  We settled for cupcakes which had Avenger Rings on it.  He was happy.  (No pictures of the cupcakes though.)  Kera chose for us to go to Planet X because it had things for the young ones, Taj and his best friend Colton and things for the older children, such as laser tag, put put golf, and bumper cars.  She did an excellent job choosing the venue for his party.  Everyone had a great time.  Taj had a special visitor too.  His Dad flew in.  This was Taj's first birthday where his Dad joined.  Everyone had a good time.  It was nice to see David again and he was thankful for the time with his son and how he felt included. 
Taj with Mom (Kera) and Dad (David)
Fighting his way through like only a Super Hero can do.
 Super Hero Down!
Never Fear, his Side Kick Colton is here to save the day!
Ethan got into the action to help out.

 The boys loved teasing Papa (Todd), he had no rest.
 It was so much fun watching these two play and giggle.
 Papa waited for the boys at the bottom of the slide.
 Colton is so ornery, he tried to spit on Papa.
 Then he climbed back up the slide and refused to go
down without Ethan.  Taj just took off the other way.
Oh, wait...I forgot to mention how Papa was growling at them
through the slide making it echo.
 While the older kids, Matthew, Ethan, Noah, Madi, David, and Todd
went off to play laser tag.  Kera and I stayed down below with
the younger two and they played a lot of games.
 After laser tag and some game time, it was pizza time.
 The younger boys copied my oldest and played with the party hats.
 He is still very young at heart. 
(By the way, Noah has black hair now.)
 After the food was gone it was time to open presents.
 Below Taj was singing "Happy Birthday to myself" as he waited for more gifts.

 I have always loved how dramatic he is with his expressions.

 After the gifts were opened it was time to pick on Papa some more.

 ...then Taj saw Nana and thought it would be fun to get her.

 Good idea for cake and ice cream to keep these heroes under control.

 Next they played put put golf.

We all had a good time.  Emily did not make it because she was at a concert in another state and Joshua was in another state for a friend's wedding.  As I noted above, Noah has a new hair color.  He is not my only child who had a change.  Joshua totally changed his looks and I love it.  He has a new hair cut as well as color.  Here is a picture of himself and a friend before the wedding.  I love the shave and then blonde hair on the top.  



  1. Taj is getting so old! I think he was probably two when I first started reading your blog. Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

  2. Wow, that looks exhausting! :)
    Poor Todd clearly gets no rest, when it comes to the young 'us.
    Joshua and Noah are both getting more and more handsome. And clearly everyone had a blast!


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