Monday, June 22, 2015

Strawberry Point Festival

Two Saturday was the first weekend Todd and I had the opportunity to go on an Iowa Adventure.  I wanted to go to Strawberry Point, Iowa for the Strawberry Point Festival.  It is the home of the unconfirmed largest strawberry.

The Strawberry is located right out side town hall.
We made it just in time for the parade.
 I loved the Strawberry Shortcake character at the beginning of the parade.
 Woo Hoo Shriner Clowns.
 They had some cute floats
 Every small town Iowa Parade has tractors.
I love the John Deere tractors.
They remind me of my Grandpa O'Connor.
 Woo Hoo...Relay For Life
 Another common thing one would see in a small town parade.
Corn and...

We walked around the small downtown and ate at a grill barbeque stand.  Todd had a brisket sandwich and I had pulled pork.  I really enjoyed their homemade barbeque sauce.  They also made their own twist potato chips.  They seasoned them with Taco Seasoning.  It was good but needed less seasoning because I felt it was too salty.  We listened to a local band play while we were eating.

We then walked down and looked at the car show.

I personally thought the festival should have fresh strawberries BUT there were none.  I told Todd I did not want to leave without finding strawberries or I would be disappointed.  Typically we do not have dessert when we eat out but as we walked around, Todd saw a sign for strawberry short cake so we decided to go into the local dinner and have dessert.  I did in fact have their strawberry short cake and Todd had some sort of cream strawberry parfait.  I think he ended up with the better dessert but both were good.
 We wanted to have some fun pictures.
I love Todd's facial expression below.

Strawberry Point is 1 hour and 37 minutes away.  We loved driving the farm country and looking at the farm house landscaping.   I am glad we went and we plan to go on more adventures.  Come back on Thursday when I do a throwback and recycle a post of Iowa prior. 



  1. One thing we liked about living in New Orleans: all the festivals. Aren't they fun! There's a wonderful strawberry festival in Ponchatoula, LA. It's one of my favorites!

    Super photos of the parade. Did you get lots of strawberry goodies?

  2. What a cute little parade! I can't believe a town called Strawberry Point doesn't capitalize on the name and have strawberries everywhere. There's a strawberry festival on one of my favorite islands, Vashon, that I keep missing...but what a great idea for a festival. ;)

    Is that a soap float with little girls as soap bubbles?? Adorable!


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