Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Todd!

Today is my Prince Charming's birthday. We are leaving Cody,WY on route to see Devils Tower and then our rest stop will be in Rapid City, South Dakota.
This man of mine deserves an entire post dedicated to him. He is so amazing to me. I have never met a man who has been so respectful and supportive as Todd has been. He completes me and makes me feel secure and for someone who has insecurity issues that is amazing!  I definitely feel God rained down goodness when he guided our paths to meet one another and so thankful Todd showed interest in me.  He makes me feel so giddy still after 10 years of being with him.  We definitely have gone through many bumps in the road, but every bump has drawn us closer to one another.  He is truly my soul mate.

Todd is not only supportive to me but to his daughters and to his step-sons. He is a wonderful grandfather. I feel so blessed having him in my life.  Every time I hear this song, it make me think of him and how he makes me feel. 

I love you Todd and Happy Birthday!


Literary Friday ~ Somewhere In France

Somewhere in France 

"Somewhere in France" by Jennifer Robson.  Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!  I just loved this book!  The book begins in 1914 and the main character is Lady Elizabeth Ashford, also known as Lily.  Lily had so many restrictions since she was an aristocrat and her mother was very rigid with her.  She forbid Lily to follow her dreams.  Lily did not want to just marry someone because of their background, she wanted to be with someone she could talk to and enjoy.  She wanted to be educated and do her share to help with the war efforts.  Lily was very close to her brother Edward.  During his engagement party she was reacquainted with one of Robert's best friends, Edward.  They both were smitten with one another and Edward not being of royalty at all was not approved by Lily's mother but this did not discourage Lily.  Robbie was a doctor and and assigned to a field hospital in France and Robert enlisted as well.  Lily wanted so desperately to do her part and be part of the Womens' Army Auxiliary Corp.  Once again, Lily's mother tried her best to intervene but Lily was determined and left home.  You will have to find out if Lily's dream comes true and if she ends up with Robbie. 
I just loved this book and would dream about it.  I could not wait to rush home and get my work done in order to read more.  I found myself thinking about the characters during the day I enjoyed how parts of history was included. 
What have you been reading? I am linking this up to Art@Home's linky party. You can click on the icon below to find other book reviews or if you write book reviews you are welcome to join in on the party and add your review for others to enjoy.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


This is a recycled post, originally posted on 
December 25, 2010 in yearly recap. 
We used to go often to Bettendorf and once in a while we would 
walk along the Mississippi River.
One stay, I took my camera with me.


Some swans the boys were very interested in.

A couple of sculptures at the park along the Mississippi River.

Bettendorf is 59 minutes away from Iowa City.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's New in Des Moines?

This is a recycled post, originally posted October 15, 2010
Things are always changing. When I moved from Des Moines nearly 6 years ago, I knew they had planned on changes to the city. This past weekend I went back home and brought my camera along. Some of the changes are spectacular.

Robert D. Ray Asian Gardens

Principal Riverwalk Pedestrian Bridge

John and Mary PappaJohn Sculpture Park

In The Morning Sculpture
Moon Rise East, January Sculpture

Moon Rise, East August Sculpture

Air Gets Into Everything Even Nothing Sculpture

Post Balzac Sculpture

Thinker On The Rock Sculpture
Spider Sculpture
Ancient Forest Sculpture
Untitled (3 Dancing Figures) Sculpture
Nomade Sculpture
T 8 Sculpture
Gymnast III Sculpture

I plan to go back sometime this month and will then check out the new Simon Estes Riverfront Amphitheater , Principal Ballpark, and Grays Lake.

Des Moines is 1 hour and 56 minutes away from Iowa City.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Great River Road ~ Part Two

This post is recycled, originally posted October 23, 2011.

As I stated in my previous post, Todd and I chose to take an adventure on the Great River Road.  Truthfully it was his idea, well his spoken idea to indulge one of the things I have always wanted to of fall trees along the Mississippi River.  Todd brought it up and explained how he thought it would be a great one day get away from the stress of our day to day adventures at home.  Do I have the best husband or what?  I think so.  Due to our late start the week prior, we did not make it all the way up the state of Iowa's border of the Mississippi River.  As we were leaving Bellevue State Park the first road trip, Todd brought up the idea to come back the following weekend to see if the trees would have more color.  We both were hoping for some deep beautiful reds to add to the beauty we were viewing currently. We did exactly that.  We drove to Bellevue State Park.  We did not see more trees with reds but we did see Fall's beauty. 

Once we arrived we went to the bluff where I took pictures before.  We did not see more reds but some of the yellow leaves were gone from strong winds.  We then decided to go hiking there.  I am only going to post some of my pictures but will link up all of them under my tab "My Photos"... Fall 2011.

The path to our first trail we hiked.
Todd ventured out further than I did.  
I found my fear of heights were a lot stronger then his.
I am glad he was able to venture out but to tell you the truth he scared me too.  
Here is a picture of his hiking shoes that day.

Our second trail was named Indian Mound.
This time the park had a fence up where I could be courageous and see exactly
what Todd saw on the other trail.
I am not sure exactly what or who he was saluting but I love his humor.
After we left the state park, Todd did not want to give up on seeing some red foliage, so onward we went.  We continued the Great River Road near the Mississippi River until we reached as far north of the Great River Road went...
...Dubuque.  Although we did not see the deep red leaves, I had a wonderful time with my darling husband.  He demonstrated to me once again how thoughtful he is and how much he loves me.  I am very fortunate to have met him and feel so lucky that we fell in love with one another.


He Loves Me