Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Little Pick Me Up!

I am not sure why I am so blue today.  Well okay, I do know maybe.  I am anxious to find out if I am going to be offered or rejected for one of my dream positions.  My interview went great but as you all know, I am a worrier.  Their announcement will be on Friday, so I should hear any time now.  I am afraid since I have not received an offer yet, I did not get it.

We are very busy at work right now.  We lost two people on our team, they had to be let go due to performance issues (one is a good friend of mine) and another one's last day is this Friday, so my last day with her will be Thursday since I am on vacation beginning Friday.

My sister Lisa and my Mother stopped over on Saturday to my home.  It is the first time in 10 years my sister has visited me. She has not made it to any of my boys' graduation yet, nor did she make it to my wedding.  I was so happy to see her but she looked exhausted.  Her boyfriend was in a serious accident on Thursday.  He was air lifted to Rockford, IL.  There was too much fog that morning or he would be here in Iowa City.  He was working in Cedar Rapids.  He was driving a motorcycle and hit a semi-truck and he was not wearing a helmet.  He is very lucky he is alive.  He will be released next week to a rehabilitation center.   *One thing to not be blue about*

I have been stressing trying to get everything ready for our vacation.  Writing recipes for Ethan for dinner while we are away.  He will be home alone while we are gone.  He is officially an adult and his brothers and step sisters are near by.  Plus, he will be moving out in August.  I think that is the biggest thing which is causing my blues.  I do not think I am ready for Ethan to be an adult and move out.  I know he is not my first to move.  I do not have a favorite I love them all equally.  I think with Ethan it is a little different because when he was 18 months I was able to stay home during the day with the boys and work very late night until he was nearly out of 2nd grade when I began to work days again.  He just grew up way too fast and the last two years have been a blur due to my Dad's death and Christian (a.k.a Noah) ordeal.  *Another Good thing~ Christian is missing home and cannot wait to come back.  He speaks to me on the phone and one morning he was in town and ran into the house.  He ran to me and gave me the biggest hug and kiss.  I think he has missed me. *

I felt like I have been fighting tears most of the evening until I got onto Facebook...then...I saw this.  Kera posted this and I cannot help myself from laughing so hard.  I seriously have tears rolling down my cheeks from her.  Oh, my dear Kera!  Thank you!

This is Taj's mommy and she wonders why he is so dramatic.  ha ha ha  She is doing a dubsmash to a line from "Hot Chicks", I keep playing it over and over.



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  2. I don't think you're blue.
    I think you're living all - too much - in one scoop. As soon as the "plate" depletes you'll find your strength and your joy returning. And vacations will be good because your heart does need a distance from so much and so many. It's time to take care of my sweet friend Jolene!
    I can't see what Kera posted but I will return later and check it out. So glad she took you into the other side of happy and laughter.

    1. I think Teresa is right! :) You just got a lot going on. Enjoy your well deserved vacation!

  3. HAHAHA Very funny…..Cheer up! Your vacation is almost here. YAY!!!! You're not really blue, just anxious. Let me know when you hear anything.


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