Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fairytales Do Come True!

This is a recycled post, originally posted January 30, 2011

Someone I work with has a little plaque on her desk…"Fairytales do come true!" When I asked her about it, she said they do because she married her Prince Charming. I thought to myself WOW…what a wonderful thing! Here she is young with a small child and happily married. At first I was a little envious…how come some people have it all? But that is just an appearance. No one has it all…after getting to know her more, I found out she is by far not happily married. Sadly I think she is trying to convince herself of this, thus for the plaque she views every hour she is at work.

Yesterday was Todd's and My Anniversary of our first date 3 years ago. The night before that we laid snuggling in bed, talking about how we felt about the next day…January 15th. When we awoke the next day, while he was getting out of bed, he leaned over gave me a small kiss and stated with a cute little smile…"Happy Kind-of-sort-of Anniversary." Later at dinner we talked…he asked me if I remembered what we ordered on our first date…Pfhhh…of course I did. He ordered the Prime Rib and I ordered the Seasoned Chicken. He had a huge smile and said that he wasn't surprised; he remembered his but couldn't remember mine. He kept looking at me and smiling like he did on our first date. Kera came over to talk to us. We then ordered. While we waited he leaned over and told me that 3 years ago this night was the beginning of the best part of the rest of his life. This coming from a man that tells me he is not romantic. WRONG!

Do I believe in Fairytales coming true? Yes, I do, but you have to remember at the beginning of the Fairytale one is going through hardship and is rescued and THEN lives happily ever after. I have often told Todd that he is my Prince Charming…my Knight in Shinning Armor. Todd saved me from my sad days. It wasn't until dinner when he told me what he thought about this day three years ago that it dawned on me…I was his Princess Charming and Knight in Shinning Armor as well. WE saved each other. I hope my friend at work doesn't give up on Fairytales…because they do come true. Oh by the way, Todd ordered Steak and I ordered Portabella Mushroom Chicken...I guess we did revert back to 3 years ago

The above was posted on a different blog site January 15, 2008. Looking back at this I still feel this way...Fairytales do come true. Yes, yes every day is not happily ever after. You have to have a few struggles to enjoy and appreciate the happy ones. We too have had obstacles, matter of a fact we had a huge fight just a couple of days ago. However we overcame it (without going into details...he was wrong and he ended up saying I'm sorry. Something very rare the actual words, typically it is actions he says sorry. It was a long over due conversation that turned into an argument, but he did listen. He did understand. He kept his promise when the situation came about only 3 days after the argument.) by communicating. Sometimes it is rough to communicate but you just need to stick with it and find what works for the two of you. Just remember sometimes in order to have a beautiful rainbow, we have to have a storm first. I still feel blessed to have my Prince Charming.


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