Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Todd!

Today is my Prince Charming's birthday. We are leaving Cody,WY on route to see Devils Tower and then our rest stop will be in Rapid City, South Dakota.
This man of mine deserves an entire post dedicated to him. He is so amazing to me. I have never met a man who has been so respectful and supportive as Todd has been. He completes me and makes me feel secure and for someone who has insecurity issues that is amazing!  I definitely feel God rained down goodness when he guided our paths to meet one another and so thankful Todd showed interest in me.  He makes me feel so giddy still after 10 years of being with him.  We definitely have gone through many bumps in the road, but every bump has drawn us closer to one another.  He is truly my soul mate.

Todd is not only supportive to me but to his daughters and to his step-sons. He is a wonderful grandfather. I feel so blessed having him in my life.  Every time I hear this song, it make me think of him and how he makes me feel. 

I love you Todd and Happy Birthday!



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And thanks to him for being a great blogger-husband, letting us see him be goofy with the grandkids through your great photos. :D

  2. Happy birthday, Todd! Jolene, I'm so glad you found your prince charming. I haven't. I stopped believing in fairy tales 14 years ago. He's a great guy, but not prince charming.

  3. I am so glad that the two of us have found good men to share our lives with... I only wish we still lived closer together.... Please tell Todd I said Happy Birthday.... Love ya girl...

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I hope y'all are having a blast!!!


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