Wednesday, July 1, 2015



One thing Todd and I love about our Iowa Adventures is seeing the country side.  We both love seeing the small towns, the farms, and the farm houses.  We loved doing this when we took our trip up the Great Iowa River Road and it is what inspired our weekend trips and to have fun getting away and doing something just the two of us since we do not spend time with one another during the week.  (I plan to recycle those post while I am on vacation.) On our adventure to Burr Oak (Click here to read about it) we passed this little town called Independence, Iowa.  We noticed this adorable Information Center.  On our way back home after stopping in Deorah's Dunning Spring Park (Click here to read about it) I told Todd I would love to stop at the Information Center to take pictures.  I have such a wonderful husband.  I was not even paying attention when we came upon it and he pulled off so we can get a closer look.  He thought it was pretty cool too.

Another beautiful building with beautiful details.
The information Center is a historical building in Independence.

We just love things like this and I am so happy we both love history. Alright he probably would not have thought to stop to take pictures like me and I love how my husband is agreeable and enjoys it too.

Independence is 1 hours and 13 minutes north of Iowa City.



  1. Yay for bonding together with your exploring AND for finding adorable historic towns. :D

  2. I'm glad Todd knows how to please you. What a wonderful getaway!

  3. You are going to see every wonderful site in Iowa, and then I bet you'll move to a different state! ;P


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