Friday, July 31, 2015

Literary Friday ~ Somewhere In France

Somewhere in France 

"Somewhere in France" by Jennifer Robson.  Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!  I just loved this book!  The book begins in 1914 and the main character is Lady Elizabeth Ashford, also known as Lily.  Lily had so many restrictions since she was an aristocrat and her mother was very rigid with her.  She forbid Lily to follow her dreams.  Lily did not want to just marry someone because of their background, she wanted to be with someone she could talk to and enjoy.  She wanted to be educated and do her share to help with the war efforts.  Lily was very close to her brother Edward.  During his engagement party she was reacquainted with one of Robert's best friends, Edward.  They both were smitten with one another and Edward not being of royalty at all was not approved by Lily's mother but this did not discourage Lily.  Robbie was a doctor and and assigned to a field hospital in France and Robert enlisted as well.  Lily wanted so desperately to do her part and be part of the Womens' Army Auxiliary Corp.  Once again, Lily's mother tried her best to intervene but Lily was determined and left home.  You will have to find out if Lily's dream comes true and if she ends up with Robbie. 
I just loved this book and would dream about it.  I could not wait to rush home and get my work done in order to read more.  I found myself thinking about the characters during the day I enjoyed how parts of history was included. 
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  1. It sounds like some great chick lit! Something about historic fiction done well, set during that time, is really delightful!

  2. Wow, I love historical fiction, especially about WWI. This one sounds great. I'm adding it to my Goodreads list ASAP.

    Shanley and I have been at a writers' conference all weekend. I met some very nice writers and found some more good books to read. My TBR pile and list are stressing me out! ;P

    Thanks for your means so much. I'm linking-up for you.



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