Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's New in Des Moines?

This is a recycled post, originally posted October 15, 2010
Things are always changing. When I moved from Des Moines nearly 6 years ago, I knew they had planned on changes to the city. This past weekend I went back home and brought my camera along. Some of the changes are spectacular.

Robert D. Ray Asian Gardens

Principal Riverwalk Pedestrian Bridge

John and Mary PappaJohn Sculpture Park

In The Morning Sculpture
Moon Rise East, January Sculpture

Moon Rise, East August Sculpture

Air Gets Into Everything Even Nothing Sculpture

Post Balzac Sculpture

Thinker On The Rock Sculpture
Spider Sculpture
Ancient Forest Sculpture
Untitled (3 Dancing Figures) Sculpture
Nomade Sculpture
T 8 Sculpture
Gymnast III Sculpture

I plan to go back sometime this month and will then check out the new Simon Estes Riverfront Amphitheater , Principal Ballpark, and Grays Lake.

Des Moines is 1 hour and 56 minutes away from Iowa City.



  1. Wow, who knew Des Moine had such cool stuff?! Well, aside from those creepy face sculptures with those creepy teeth - very Stephen Kingish.. - And that creepy coat... The Asian gardens are very cool.. Thanks for sharing these Jolene.

    1. The Asian garden is pretty. I took some outdoor photos of Joshua for his Senior Pictures there. I also took a few fun pictures of my three younger boys, the oldest did not come along, at the sculpture garden. They were posing as some of the sculptures and made me laugh.


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